IT’S TIME TORP PARTY! | World of Warships

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For those that said that Denarmo can’t play DDs!

It’s time to party! – Andrew W.K

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  1. Denarmo can’t play cruisers.

  2. Japanese destroyers when they run out of torpedoes: I am the torpedo

  3. Torpedo hits will always, ALWAYS, be satisfying.

  4. when dena chan uploads a video :hapi:

  5. No CV footage? I’m very disappointed, unsubbing

  6. Hey all! Denarmo here!
    After many people told me they want to throw money at me… I opened a Patreon!

    This does not mean I will release monthly videos, although with enough support… I would consider it 😉

    I will release a new review very very soon! Stay tuned!

    Love you all.
    – Your non-contributor Denarmo


  8. Buttsecks
    lewd Dena

  9. Ah yes
    Let’s used a underwater firework and show those ships how wonderful it is to party

  10. Dena has graced us with another gift.

  11. letras y números

    Damn. You’ve got some explosive seals dancing in that party

  12. When will senpai notice that torps are actually pedos in metal suites
    Also Tirpitz Review when

  13. XimerTracks - Sub To Me

    Keep uploading! more please! Also, I want to be Friends Xd

  14. The Budgie Admiral

    Sneaky Budgie

    Sneaked into the comment section

    Left a like

  15. Doom Eternal + denarmo upload = pretty gud day

  16. That’s the most aggressive party I’ve seen since the Boston Tea Party

  17. As a BB and CV main this is my nightmare

    Well that’s why i always hunt DD with my CV

  18. :sistine:

  19. After completing my time in the coal mines i unlocked my Thunderer, all it does is make me want to play my Warspite

  20. I had a Torpin Party earlier today with my Mahan and Vateras lol

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