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Testing Soviet Battleship Izmail, a super solid experience and one I think many are looking forward to on release. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time.

Tier VI Soviet Battleship Izmail Replay

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  1. Well at least this wasn’t the battle you and I squared off in lol. Also Notser the resolution settings are low, only 360 or 144

    • That’s because YT takes some time to process it as a higher resolution. If you watch in in 30 minutes (possibly less), HD resolutions will be available.

  2. 360p 🙂


  4. Soviet BBs a bit more powerful than they ought to be? I am shocked. Shocked, I say!

    • How do u know what they are ought to be? U must have clairvoyance abilities! Or maybe u just another whiner that thinks since its soviet it should be shit because mah western superiority.

    • +Duplicity I was thinking of balance.
      But yeah, since you bring it up, maybe the nation that literally COULD NOT build BBs shouldn’t be the nation with the best of the best? Gangut was leaky trash that was barely seaworthy. How do we go from that to Kremlin?

    • +Elmarby how are soviet BB`s the best in the game when its a floating citadel of enormous size? also take Japan`s Yamato and carrier Taiho. Taiho was suppose to be super resilient and armored yet was sunk with 1 torpedo, Yamato barely saw any action or achieved anything and was blown to pieces (huge waste of resources) yet its fully functional in-game. why cant soviet bb`s be functional then? why are they suppose to be shit. No one would want to play them if they would be shit, so whats the point of introducing a whole tech line for nothing.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      Funny how they always bring the historical argument when talking about game balance. People always fail to realize what an arcade game means…

    • Elmarby how is this ship a bit too powerful?

  5. Besides the annoying bullshit of murdered by HE armor that Wargaming thinks is a great idea, I like the design of the these battleships.
    It’s promoting healthy gameplay, not edge humping and sniping. I still don’t get why people think thats such a great idea…

    • Just a random Horse.

      Problem is in high tier that simply cannot happen. That’s why Bismarck, FDG, GK are dead. Useless. Irrelevant. They need special situations to work, and the Russian BBS have a even bigger handicap compared to them : The massive, above water citadel. Sure, they will likely have much better main guns, secondaries are again irrelevant in this meta (Sorry, but it’s true… only things that they are useful for is annoying light cruisers and maybe scaring off DDs) but why have this , when you can have the Alsace, Jean Bart, Republique? To give you an example of how underrated people put these ships : My rep and Jeannie average roughly 30k damage more than my yamato, with (in the reps case) 5% better accuracy. Now remember, Jeannie has 380mms, and it destroys the yamato in sheer power it holds. (Note, a yamato CAN ruin a French battleships day by overmatching, but it cannot move, it cannot maneuver, it cannot flank, it has a massive overexposed citadel that even the 380s can penetrate.) – What I’m basically trying to say is this meta favors ships with speed, over armor… At least at high tier. – thus I feel the Russian BBs are actually at a massive disadvantage already, before they’re even out.

    • Ya issue is bbs take so much damage even when angling, and its been ramping up and up and up that they can’t move. Which is what I’m mainly complaining about, they just power creeped HE damage let alone fire where one volley can pen you and burn you for 30% of you HP which is utter bullshit. And even angling you get hit for 20k+ salvos. How about toning that down a bit WGing like back how it was in season 1-2 where battleships could take hits… And I’m pretty sure Russian bbs are pretty nippy, sure they probably don’t turn as well as the frenchies, but they still pretty fast and decent at turning.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Science Leponi Hmm, I do miss the days HE wasn’t as powerful and cruisers had more reasons to focus other things that aren’t BBS. Ifhe was an interesting addition indeed, along with the dumb rn bb line. (Which is just bad, I can see why people spam he and sit as far as possible, the ships themselves cannot tank anything, despite the powerful heal)

    • Wow you talk bullcrap horse-whatever. Ill reply you in the morning why. Your posts on multiple videos just show how much you suck in understanding BBs and by dear god almighty, stop with your bs posts will ya? Jean Bart destroying Yamato holy f how bad are you actually?

  6. As a german cruiser main this makes me cringe alot the amount of bias on these soviet bbs are so unreal tbh… another problem for my hindyberg 🙁

    • Fabiano Schwegmanius

      tbh they seem to excel at close range, not so much on long range so especially in a german cruiser u should be fine both up close and at range

    • They fire once per 32 seconds. You will be fine if you dont show broadside, which you will get punished from any bb anyways.

    • As a main of the only cruiser line that can pen Soviet BBs’ distributed armor, you’re complaining?

  7. dont you think the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya should get the unique soviet dispersion too? and is that ship good in your opinion?

    • Davy, personally, I think that all premiums should get the “feel” of their nation, whether it’s DWTs for Pan-Asian DDs or no speed boost but outstanding acceleration, etc. for RN DDs, and so on. But WG just doesn’t seem to be interested in doing that.

    • I have the OR, and I like it a lot.

      It has a lot of guns for tier 5, and they’re a decent caliber too. Turrets are slow, though, and the angles suck. Like Izmail, you want to keep targets to one side of you for the match, if you can. I’d love to have the better dispersion at <15km, but the guns have never felt anemic.

      The consumable version of damage control party is great, too. It lets you act very boldly when the time is right. Armor is thicc. AA is solid.

      If you play a lot of tier 5, I think you'll like the OR.

    • Fernando Marques

      I wish the okt would get the turret traverse, its kind of painful when you have to play a premm that has crap TT compared to the incoming ships

    • I have the Oktober Revolution, she’s a fantastic ship. Currently at 760k xp on her. Shes a good brawler but at the same time very ressiliant if you know how to angle in her. You can have 3 (9shells) turrets firing while being angle to enemy bbs. Her armour is so thic that not even tier 6 carriers are able to pen my deck. She is amazing i recommend her. Also she is very good with an AA build captain.

    • Matthew Bond angles suck? You can have 9 guns firing while still being angled!

  8. i do feel russian bias

    • +Just a random Horse. Not every ship is for everyone though, I personally would choose Jean Bart to both, that doesn’t mean the guns on her do more damage and are more accurate.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Kirina Yuuki Well, I’m not gonna hold it against you. I’ve never really liked the Yamato gameplay, I know what it does, where it should be, how to aim but it doesn’t agree with me. And I dare disagree about Jean Bart, it’s actually doing better than my republique. It’s a very very strong ship, could easily be a tier 10.

    • +Just a random Horse. I can’t believe it, it seems that I’m like the only player in wows who dislikes Jean Bart ?

    • Just a random Horse.

      +tupakveli Nah, I’ve seen a guy complain French BBS can’t do damage, despite having no matches in Alsace and republique and about 4 total in Jean Bart. (He was complaining about those in specific) Miracles do happen, but straight up French battleships are simply gold for this meta. They don’t play like other BBS so that’s probably why people get it wrong and decide they suck / dislike them. Imagine them like really big cruisers , which can tank shells when angled and can push / retreat at the right time. The trick to them is to learn when it’s good to push or retreat, and how to use the guns. 380mm may seem small on the lower tiers but trust me, it’s very deadly to everyone. 😛

    • +Just a random Horse. I mean I love my Bourgogne and my republique but I just can seem to do the damage I want to do in the Jean Bart

  9. Izmail is a warship from Tsarist era Russia.
    The turret traverse didn’t run on GULAG power.

  10. The fact that it takes 60 to rotate your turrets and the layout of the turrets will make this ship painful to manoeuvre

  11. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Every time I see this I wonder why we did not got the Empress Maria in place of the Putilovski-Blohm Voss project 707 BC aka the tier 5 Peter the Great Oh well, I’m hyped for this The Borodino aka Izmail always had a place in my heart, although a very small one

  12. Thanks for showing lower tiers of Russian BBs 😉

  13. It’s recomended to shoot a Ranger underneath the smoke stacks. I dev striked a stationary Ranger in my Nagato.

  14. I think this ship can be balanced, but the gameplay it brings to the game is pretty unhealthy, that it snowballs pretty hard both for winning and losing.
    The guns are some of the most consistent and dangerous guns I’ve seen at tier 6, it’s decently fast to push up and exploit the ground the enemies lost, and the AA is decent, but on the other hand, the ship is incredibly fragile – The combination of 25mm everywhere, awkward turret layout, slow turret traverse, large turning radius, and a weak citadel can make her very helpless when she’s forced to retreat.
    At 3:05 a Bayern citadel-ed the ship from 17km+ at a very acute angle, possibly dipping through the deck and overmatched the citadel roof. That is very alarming.
    Overall, this ship is probably going to be nerfed. The accuracy seems slightly excessive to be entirely honest. An interesting ship, but I have some concerns regarding its design.

    • I understand what you are saying, but I think the game can handle a high-risk/high-reward battleship line tbu. On the opposite end we have the low skill ceiling Germans (who are tanky) and the RN (who are -a f@€$”! annoying POS concept that should never have been included in the game- HE focused), but there are’t really any BBs that bring the kind of gameplay they propose here. Japs have a decent skill ceiling, but they are snipers more than pushers. Speaking of -idiotic design- RN battleships, the zombie heal is a snowball driver if I ever saw one.

      The Bayern has atroucious penetration and start to struggle already at ~11km, so I doubt it was an “honest pen” of the citadel. I think that was either a bug or a freakishly weird bounce (the shells can bounce up to 6 times inside the armor iirc). Whether that is better or worse I don’t know.

    • best way to nerf these if they actually end up overpowered is to lower the range where they are stupid accurate, would reward players who push smart and play agressive, but in order to use that absurd accuracy they are in danger of over extending. Also would make it so they aren’t cruiser accurate all the way out to 0.6km shorter than US and royal navy cruisers range

  15. Looking forward to the Izmail, its the only Soviet BB I want. Nice vid Noster, could you please do a vid on the Gangut and the T5 as well? Need more info on those.

    • +SebaX Teir 4 is gangut, a marat class battleship. Litterally the exact same ship as Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya. Same ship, the soviets just renamed it and “refit” it (They added new fire control and 6 whole AA guns).

    • +SebaX Just looked it up, and idk why theyre using that completely made up design when the very real, and fully complete Imperatritsa Mariya class would go better. Its just gangut with more armor.

    • Anglo Angloson no, GANGUT is a GANGUT class battleship

    • +Mc Nuffin actually I was referring to marat, in her Soviet refit form with the new bow, because that’s what she is modelled after in game very obviously. It’s technically the Sevastopol class actually

    • Anglo Angloson yes, you called it a Marat class which is incorrect. And it’s been referred to as both gangut class and Sevastopol class, both are correct

  16. Does this mean you absolutely NEED ExpMarks on IV? Sounds like a fun line to grind if you don’t have the means to retrain your commander.

  17. How do you get these guys that miss every shot… Everyone I play against laser railguns me across the map…

  18. The catapult is for tanks. Stalinum can float so it’s for KV-2’s

  19. What a surprise, the fictional Soviet battleship line is unquestionably the best in the game.

    • Ship may be. But the guns are not, they were manufactured and tested, the used for other thing.

    • And no Sovietsky Soyuz partially existed, the Izmail class to, gangut is the Oktober Revolution in game. Though i wanted to see Communea the Paris or something else instead of same ship. One tier lower.

  20. I’ll be very surprised if any of the Tsarist Russian and Soviet battlships feel underpowered.

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