Izumo Best tier IX BB? :O World of Warships

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  1. Nope, i hate this ship. Bored…

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Best Tier IX BB goes to Iowa/Missouri and pre-nerf Alsace.
    Don’t get me wrong Izumo is a top tier brawler with monstrous point blank AP pen (formally the highest point blank pen in the game at 959mm till Republique arrived with 971mm pen) and the best and last of IJN turtleback armour, that 57mm upper deck armour buff helps allot. Plus Izumo has the fastest Battleship AP shells (above 305mm) in the entire game at 870m/s – beating Roma’s 850m/s railguns.
    EDIT* – Scharnhorst 283mm 54.5cal shell go faster at 890m/s – Kronstadt 305mm 54cal at 900m/s and Stalingrad 305mm 61cal at 950m/s.
    Then again these are light 283-305mm shells with only 1/2 – 1/3rd the Shell weight as Izumo’s Shells – make your choice.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Also – 16inch Project Bis is more balanced.
      18inch Super Heavy Shells, Project Bis- we are talking about T11 artillery.
      That would mean all the current T10s should better get a massive up in their artillery firing their larger experimental guns.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Here is a list of Experimental guns certified to T11 artillery from my word document out of boredom.
      Experimental Guns.
      Ranging from weakest to strongest (ps the 2nd weakest outright beats the best T10 artillery of wows currently in terms of pen power – they are certified T11 Artillery).

      United States Mk4 406mm 56cal 954.5kg 914m/s

      Japan 460mm 50cal 1360kg 850-870m/s

      French 450mm 45cal 1366kg 875m/s

      United States MkA 457mm 47cal SHS 1746.3kg 732m/s
      (will probably be updated to 457mm 50cal SHS 1746.3kg 762m/s super charged)

      Russia 457mm 55cal SHS 1720kg 820m/s-850m/s
      (based of US MkA – and modified to Russian style long calibre railgun)

      German 480mm 52cal probs 1600-1700kg AP 810m/s

      British 508mm 45cal probs 1900-2000kg AP at 762m/s

      IJN 510mm 45cal probs 1900-2000kg AP at 780m/s

      German 508mm 52cal 1800-2000kg AP at 810m/s

      German 533.4mm 52cal 2200KG AP 820m/s
      erman 508mm 52cal 1800-2000kg AP at 810m/s

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      There must be an Italian T11 level Gun proposal stuck somewhere in the Ansaldo archives.
      If they take the Cassone battlecruiser proposal gun and make that a 50 caliber analogue to the Littorio gun.
      It would probably hurl a 1,500+ kg shell @ least 850m/s

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      ​+tamenga88 sounds interesting, but I doubt the Italian 456mm gun (probs already 50cal or will be updated as such) will fire any super heavy shells. Still though a 456mm 50cal gun approx with a 1400-1500kg Shell weight sent at 850m/s.
      It would easily compete with the Japanese 460mm 50cal 1360kg 850-870m/s and the French 450mm 45cal 1366kg 875m/s.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      (copy and pasted a post I made in this vid somewhere that I thought would be nice)
      Izumo needs buffs (by replacing the hull design) and this is my proposition. 

      Izumo is A-140/J2 – one of Yamato’s 25 preliminaries (all of which drawn beautifully by Tzoli in Dev.A).
      WHAT WE NEED is A-140/D https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Yamato-Preliminary-Design-A-140D-746763878

      She is of similar displacement and size and identical armaments to the current T9 Izumo, but with a Nelson style turret arrangement and she gets to keep all her 4x 155mm secondaries . A-140/D is what Izumo (A-140/J2) needs to be replaced by!

      this is a picture of A-140 (a T10 level Yamato preliminary with 9x 46cm guns).
      But as you can see the Superstructure design is modernised – with a nice flagpole mast just at the back of the main superstructure (like Yamato) and a bunch binocular viewing rooms (those small cylinder things on the mast – like Yamato again.)

      Plus her AA arrangement needs to be arranged more like a “butterfly layout” like Yamato.
      Instead of this ugly af aa arrangement. http://shipcomrade.com/?p=1022

      OH YEAH and I almost forgot (why the hell does Izumo not have torpedo bulges above waterline?) – an IJN BB to not have torpedo bulges to be at least at the waterline – is a sin – especially when compared to the preceding ships Amagi and Nagato, with HUGE dual torpedo bulges (one for underwater and one above water) which completely cover the entire side of the ship. In all honestly they should at least “animate” Izumo’s torp bulges to at least waterline (like Yamato) after getting her B-Hull (which gives 3% tds buff).
      I hope for Izumo to be replaced as an A-140/D with these modernisations…

  3. The only good thing about this garbage barge are the guns…….The only ship in the game minus the cvs that i hate.

  4. What was that Musashi thinking? Bow tanking and gradually winning…so he YOLOs forward, shows his broadside at point blank range to an Izumo and…gets blapped.

    • Hiệp Thành Quang

      I dont know why that Musashi do something like that. In my game Yamato musashi usually sit at 30km away and deal 10k dmg per salvo, and a Izumo can not do anything about them. And then another misplay by enemy Izumo at the end, showing the broadside while his guns havent finished turning yet. 2 top tier BB of enemy team completely intentional feed.

    • Play like that makes me think it’s newbs that bought their way up into the high tiers…

  5. The buff she sorely needs is the C turret facing forward, or the B turret being able to traverse 360 degrees

  6. Less than 12 secs reload. Wtf? If you don’t have Yamamoto it’s just a loss right when the game starts…

  7. Best tier 9. Mushashi ffs!

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Man when he wa looking at Musashi at the beginning I bet he was thinking “He will see how my mighty Izumo is better” GG well played

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      yaa hasrotan ‘alal-‘ibaad, maa ya`tiihim mir rosuulin illaa kaanuu bihii yastahzi`uun

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      * Via Al-Qur’an Indonesia http://quran-id.com https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyworld.camera
      (QS. Ya-Sin 36: Ayat 30)

      * Via Al-Qur’an Indonesia http://quran-id.comceramah sagama

  9. pre nerf alsace and the great izumo are the best tier 9 BBs in game

  10. Wow.. I thought he would have died to the Missouri. That Missouri was really tough if only his guns were not in the wrong direction he would have a chance to kill our hero.

  11. It‘s actually much, much better now since the main deck is plated with 57mm armor now, so it‘s even resistant to Hindenburg HE

  12. Ian Christopher Valenzuela ZMU PRO

    14:34 is easy to kill the missouri just aim the bow too, same as yamato technique lol.

  13. felipe antonio pino huerta

    Wrong, one of the worst tier ix battleships, the player in this replay is good, no the ship
    He also using yammamoto commander, that gives him skills over others

  14. I think Iowa/Missouri beats it. Faster and capable to shoot in every direction. No doubt. Nearly same caliber and damage per shell. Awesome secondaries. Izumo sucks. I’d play it only to reach yamato or I’d skip it with free exp

  15. No, 1/10 good games doesnt make it good

  16. what’s with all that constant zooming? impossible to watch

  17. This battle is just fight between noobs, this guy just keep using AP shooting the BB’s head and dealing few damage. If that Yamato did not do such stupid rush, this izumo would die there with only 70k damage.

  18. Filip Fernandes 92

    i hate this ship

  19. I like this ship 🙂

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