Izumo Torture Finally Came To An END – World of Warships

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I’ve played SOOOO many Izumo games recently that its not even funny anymore, because this ship had a lot of games on its record. Back in the old days there were no super bonuses to grind a ship in few battles. For a tier 9 you had to play roughly a 100 battles to grind through it. Improving stats on a ship that has that many battles is not easy so here are the last few battles for you all in 1 go.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Love this series.

  2. Loved it, at the end i could see the Izumo trying to give up right before the finish line on that super ship, almost like the super ships have hidden stats that make them harder to hit.. but Izumo is just kinda crap sometimes lol.

    Great to see the chart with the other ships you have to suffer through muhahahaa.
    wonder if you can even get done before they release the api for more.

    • Gelanghaarte Weile

      That hidden stats for super ships… i totally agree with you!!! 😀 Thank the unknown, most super ships seem to be sailed by not-so-good-players 🙂
      And yes, i am waiting also for the other ships 😀

    • I think they already updated the API a few days ago.
      I believe this video is from before that.

  3. Torture? Naaaah! Izumo has it flaws, but i kinda quite enjoyed it!

    • Yeah, me too. I found more success with it than Yamato, weirdly

    • I’ve been playing through bb line and Nagato seems very hit and miss to me. Hoping the next is more consistent…

    • @Luke_3_1 Amagi is nice, fast and powerfull. But it’s kinda fragile.

    • @Luke_3_1 Nagato is frustrating, especially when you consider the historical importance of that ship and Yamamoto. A shame, really – but A-Typical WeeGee to not give love to actual real ships in history. Amagi is not bad. Big guns and overall a fun experience. You need to play Amagi smart, but it can reward you in a lot of unexpected ways. Izumo was surprising to me with a better accuracy factor (when at the correct range), and I rather liked it a lot although so many hate it (the gun placements are a bit bad, but in the right circumstances it is awesome). WeeGee took away access to Musashi before I could nab her – to my ever lasting regret and fury at them for taking it away, but I DID get Yamato. The Power Creep is real on the ol’ girl sadly, and honestly – as impressive as the potential Yamato has, I find it to be… well, tricky. All the super ships and nasty FAKE ships at tier 10 make it very difficult to perform. Still a good ship, but hard to play right now. I realize you didn’t ask for a whole breakdown, so I hope I didn’t sound like a know-it-all, haha. Just throwing out my experience to ya. Hope it helps!

    • @Mighty Chicken Thanks, info is welcome 🙂

  4. Enjoy, it only gets worse lol.

  5. I enjoyed the longer video, with the 3 games in a row, GG sir

  6. Next up, Bajie :-p the Izumo variant

  7. @jay71512 so true lmao

  8. It’s not as bad as WoT grind or WT

  9. Sure Izumo is done, but now Bajie xD

  10. Love this ship’s accuracy.

  11. Izumo is a great ship. Love it way more than iowa

  12. i don’t quite get the izumo hate since they improved all her stat’s, i just checked out of curiosity and it has the best guns for a tier 9 tech ship, and even when you add in the premiums it still sits at the top with them, the only stat that it does worst is the vertical dispersion, however that is something worst for ALL IJN ships, it has a stupidly small superstructure aaand 57 mil mid deck, the nose is 32 but that’s where the guns are and thous will eat a fair amount of he shatering them , so it does better than your average when it comes to he spam, armor scheme is also decent for the ship role (mid/long range sniper early game, )
    or is this something like the monti situation where he spesificly does not seam to be able to get the guns to work/perform the way he wants?

  13. Yeah, the economy is made for you to pay to get things in a relatively reasonable time. And if you are F2P is even worse.
    (And that’s not even saying the best ships in the game are all premium, not tech tree).

  14. I’m currently grinding the US BB line and am on the New Mexico right now. Any suggestions on which line to go down once I get to Tier 8?

    • The montana line is probably the best all around one and NC > montana grind is not that bad since all the ships are pretty good. Vermont line is really good once you get the vermont. I think biggest broadside in the game but its a very sniper playstyle and the grind can be terrible. The newest line is a hybrid BB line. They’re currently very strong/op but play differently as a result.

    • North Carolina side. Fast, good guns, and esthetically beautiful ships.

    • Don’t go with the diabetes ships. Go NC.

  15. You got to get to them early, T6 carrier with two Atlantas. Teach them early.

  16. API = application programmin interface , its an open access programming point from external programmers to access the internal WG database and get stats out.

  17. James Copley - Resoldier

    Wow, what a ROLFSTOMP on that first battle!

  18. I have to say it was a great video and congratulations on clearing it. Though honestly Izumo started to grow on me. But I guess that is because I’m not the one playing it, so I don’t suffer as much as you do when you lose in it. Still all the buffs made it jump from horrible to manage-ably* terrible.

    *I know this isn’t a word, at least I don’t think so. Also manageability depends on how your team performs and how enemy team performs. Rest is mostly up to you, provided matchmaking isn’t skewed.

  19. Flambass is awesome.

  20. Nice to see you having fun

  21. I stil would love to see Flambass & Trentlass do a battle in which both are using the USS OMAHA. Immagine the laughs!

    • Imagine the tears when they each get a kraken, bottom tier and with the rest of their team being dead in 10 minutes.

  22. Izumo woke up and chose violence on that day…

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