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Tier 9 tech tree IJN BB, Izumo, the worst tier 9 BB in the game probably.

This ship was so bad that WG had to buff it like 5 times just to make it okey. Some ppl will say it is good now, most ppl will say it is not THAT BAD anymore but honestly it is still crap.

Yes it CAN perform but it is more rare than when it will NOT perform and straight up just let you down.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Wow, just how slow does that 3rd inner turret turn ffs!! It only had to go 90 degrees, and it took forever!!

  2. God I hated this ship. Less firepower than the Amagi, handles like a dairy cow, and such a large target that every torp, shell and airstrike is near enough guaranteed to find you. Always on fire, and every armour piercing that doesn’t ricochet arms in that giant hull. It has its limited strengths but it’s miserable to play.

  3. I must be a lunatic, because I never really minded Izumo. In fact I kinda liked it. The guns felt more reliable than almost any other ships in that line, and because of its reputation a lot of enemies underestimate it.

    • She can’t even hit anything and cannot tank anything back then

    • Right now she is better but not that impressive since still shotgun and slow ship

    • I don’t think most people know it has the mini turtlebacked citadel, one of my highest damage games involved brawlingzumo

    • Not only you; I liked that ship just fine and still played it right up until I quit for good. There isn’t any specific reason I liked her, we just clicked.

    • @Eiresby She was buffed heavily, while still subject to BB dispersion she has 2.0 sigma on ijn dispersion, she’s only slightly less accurate than a non leg mod yamato. The armor was buffed as well, i believe her deck is like 57mm now? enough to shatter pretty much all cruiser HE. Izumo was great to play through, I averaged 93k with her. pretty solid tbh

  4. I sold this ship after a fit of rage about a year ago and I’ve never looked back, much prefer the Onion Bahji even if it is the same Hull. Well played dude.

    • Stopped short of buying it myself. Yamato, the real-actually-existed Tier X was not worth the pain. I think about it from time to time. Glad Izumi got buffed while the notion of keeping old tech-tree ships somewhat competitive with current gimmick boats was still around, would not happen now.

  5. Izumo worst T9? The Marco Polo would like to have a word about that….

  6. About the italian ship discussion at the start. I recently grinded the italian cruisers. And even tho i enjoyed Amalfi and Brindisi the most fun i had was with both the T6 and T7. Thats because at mid tier you can make great aggressive plays with them. Sneaking up close with the smoke and then crush DDs with SAP and cruisers with AP. I got 87k average damage on Trento which is huge for a T6 cruiser 🙂
    At high tier i ve found myself mostly being forced to spam SAP from range. And there the weakness of this line comes up. SAP starts to do not that much damage as soon the targets are saturated which happens really fast. And you cant burn BBs. But i havent played the Venezia much yet.
    Both italian DDs and BBs are not worth the grind imo. Especially the latter badly need some buffs but WG completely ignores them. Worst BB line currently.

    • I recently grinded the italian cruisers as well, like you i had fun up untill tier 7, the moment i got to tier 8,9, and 10 the range opens up, everyone runs away the moment a shell land near them, then you get the good old meme of bouncing 8 shells off a angled tier 8 dd in a Venezia.

  7. I did the pre buff Izzy and It was atrocious to play. Grinding that was pain.

  8. My Izumo experience : Had to grind it for Yamato in 2015, sold it in 2016.
    Bought again in 2020, still bad, sold it 2 months later. ^^

  9. Izumo is one of the best T9’s these days. So consistent and accurate, and she’s pretty tough with almost no superstructure.

  10. That Chung Mu was a menace I believe he had 2 torp kills and out played and killed your Akizuki but the Mogador had your back…..

  11. Maybe if they ever buffed the vertical dispersion of IJN BBs across the board? At least they’d be better at punishing broadsides instead of straddling them?

  12. What are your thoughts on the tier 6 Arizona? Good job bro

  13. I love to watch you play young man and I play WoW’s myself , the main problem is what with Arthritis and having the reflexes of an Arthritic Tree Sloth I struggle to be competitive nowadays .

  14. CesarinPillin Gaming

    That north Carolina going completely straight while ignoring one DD and one torpedo cruiser nearby.. way to go!

  15. new izumo is really tanky, guns are pretty rng

  16. A couple years ago Izumo felt a lot stronger to me than Iowa

  17. Would the Schlieffen line be good for beginners? Or what lines would be good to understand the mechanics of the game, such as angling and kiting. Also when to use the different types of ammo to get the best result.

  18. Christopher Game Dev

    Flambass: “I was playing it’s counter part – Iowa (…) literally scoring 130-170k games”
    Izumo: “That’s cute…” – proceeds to do a 185k game with 4 kills 🙂

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