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Discussing Dev Blog post by Wargaming about buffing accuracy, certain cruisers, and destroyer alpha for multiple Japanese lines. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Mogami Replay

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  1. Yeeee boi 50 seconds ago no views

  2. I really like these buffs. It is a way of strengthening the identity of the IJN CAs and DDs without breaking anything.

  3. That friendly fire kill on the enemy side lol

  4. Raul Alexandru Bota

    I’d like the Gneisenau to get just a bit better accuracy. 6 guns and not the best caliber neither… Good for the IJN ☺

  5. Time to start grinding these lines again! I love what they have done with every cruiser, especially the turret traverse of the Myoko and the reload of Ibuki. However, I’d rather the IJN DDs get a torpedo detection buff instead of a gun buff. They aren’t gunboats, even after this change

  6. as one who likes ijn cruiser this is excellent news.

  7. Notser, IJN dds dont fire their funs because they are pretending to be ~35kt submarines.

  8. So stoked abut the buffs to the IJN cruisers. The Nihon Kaigun’s cruisers are why I started playing this game in the first place, and I was very excited about playing them… till I actually ground up to Myoko and Mogami. Now I hope that they will be more successful, and fun, to play. Thanks for this update sir.

  9. Honestly i feel like the Ijn dd`s desperatly needs a buff, they do only a very insignificant amount more damage per Shell hit than say, a Us dd. I play the Shiratsuyu wich is my only tier 7 ship and whenever i fire at anything i`m instantly regretting it because of the fact that Us dd`s have almost twice the rate of fire. Maybe its just me who sucks but i think the Ijn dd`s need more of a buff than this.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      I found Akatsuki a very boring ship to play compared to Shiratsuyu. The TRB on Shiratsuyu taught me more than the very plain style of Akatsuki. Higher skill ceiling = better ship to learn in.

    • It doesnt have a higher skill ceiling though. Akatsuki does. She has more offensive and defensive options as well as the increased tactical flexibility that her improved speed brings

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      I still do better in Shiratsuyu than Akatsuki because the better conceal and the fact the ship feels more comfortable to dodge in

    • I don`t have akatsuki tho.+Eagle262

    • you should get it. Its like sailing a cloud made of dreams

  10. Yes, balance improvements. so you can play ships you want.

  11. Personally I still think Zao could use a slight ROF buff. I find it very annoying that ships with 8.6 and 9.4 inch guns (Moskva and Henri IV, respectively) can reload as fast or faster than a ship with 8 inch guns. I’m not asking for Des Moines speed, just shave 1-2 seconds or so off my 13.7 second reload and I’ll be happy. Otherwise I like the sound of these changes. I have mixed feelings about the proposed change to secondaries that I’ve heard about. The word is, they want to get rid of AP secondaries for everyone. There are a few ships I like having the AP secondaries on, like Nagato, Amagi, Yamato, and even Bayern. What I’d really like to see is the ability to select ammo type for a given group of secondary guns either in port pre-battle or in battle, dynamically changing with the situation. Also, WG, can I please have 3 turrets on Fubuki again? I really miss turret #2 and those triple 25mm guns I get in return are not worth the loss in firepower, they weren’t worth it at T8, and still aren’t at T6.

    • i have 143k in the zao, she is strong enough

    • I never said I wanted it to be good at everything. I just find it silly that ships with bigger guns, firing heavier shells can beat my reload because reasons. Zao has the worst reload of any T10 CA (Stalingrad does not count, she’s a battlecruiser, but we don’t have a category for them, so they shoehorn her in as a cruiser.), sure she’s got 12 guns and they are accurate, but you need to show an awful lot of side to use all 12 of them. I don’t have very good experiences showing that much side in my Zao, it usually means a quick return to port for me.

      Also, the slow reload is a throwback that comes from a time when open water stealth fire was a thing. I also have it on good authority from people that have had the ship longer than I have that she’s missing a sizable chunk of HP that was removed to balance the ship around that open water stealth fire capability. I don’t feel so much of a need for that, but it shows that the ship is still at least partially balanced around being able to fire invisibly without cover, something that has been gone for a long time now. I think a slight buff, and I do mean very slight, to the reload isn’t going to unbalance the whole game, and it would bring her to a more even playing field when one of the close-in nasty fights I tend to end up in happens.

      As a side note, I’m still kind of scratching my head about what the deal was with the 12km torpedo addition they made to her, I find the F3s more useful personally. My best guess has always been that it was somehow more desirable for ranked or clan wars, neither of which I bother with.

    • +USSEnterpriseA1701 Have you tried double rudder instead of concealment on her? I know she thrives on stealth, but having a faster rudder means being able to dodge and fire in open water, it’s how I play the Henri.

      You can broadside, fire, and angle again before anything has a chance to shoot you (of course you might have turn back before firing if someone realizes what you’re doing, and fires before you’ve opened up to fire).

    • +Mohenjo Daro No, I have a sort of strange setup with her. I opt for extended gun range and AA for the most part, it’s a bit of a throwback build in and of itself, partly because I learned to play back when CVs were plentiful and sometimes your team had one to fight the enemy CV and sometimes you didn’t. I’ve never fully gotten away from buffing AA whenever possible. The funny part is, whenever the CV changes happen, it might just pay off keeping to my old ways. What usually happens is I try and hang back to use my range, but at some point somebody needs to move up and get stuff done, and it usually ends up being me (often no matter what I’m driving CA, CL, DD, CC (battlecruiser, FYI), or BB). I guess I should clarify that I usually do quite well in the ship it’s just very difficult and uncomfortable at times, given how often I end up knife fighting with her. Also don’t even get me started on trying to fight a Minotaur with her. It outright ticks me off that a CA should have trouble fighting a CL when CAs are meant to kill CLs, but because auto-ounce angle magics, you can’t even keep your turrets working long enough to shoot the booger.

    • Yep, the worst tier X Cruiser deserves a buff.

  12. Nice, I just got the Furutaka so this is very much appreciated.

  13. The thing I am mainly excited about is the fire % going up, because it is not very common your completely reck a BB with 1 torpedo strike, you often cause flooding which makes them repair. These gun changes just make the shima, yugu, kegero, blahblahblah what more usefull in actually killing things.

  14. that’s not a buff in IJNDD gun. it just unnerf.
    original damage of IJNDD gun before nerf is 2,200 remember?

    they buff a small rof and nerf damage output from 2200 to 1800

  15. 8:38 – As an Ibuki owner… I play in my Mogami more often. It’s tough to play a ship that feels _worse_ than its previous tier. Same with my Izumo…

    • +Mwi O In one of the operations where you play as a tier 6 ship, you had to fight an AI Izumo …

    • +Silverslicer you don’t fight that Izumo alone. Besides, that’s AI. The average person in a Fuso against the average person in an Izumo would get curb stomped. He’ll just get overmatched constantly.

    • Probably just bcos mogami and amagi are super fun. More guns more fun

    • +Silverslicer Izumo was always pretty good it just takes a lot of getting used to. Her guns are her big strength, those 16.1 inch railguns pack a good punch at good velocity. I hear all the time about bad dispersion from them, but I don’t have such problems with them. Even before the recent buffs, I could out fight a Yamato with it without too awfully much trouble. Her real outstanding problem is just how big and visible she is, but it can be mitigated a bit.

    • Izumo looks ugly, so it plays ugly… try and change my mind.

  16. Wow WG finaly checked ship win rate %…

  17. I’d like just a little bit just a little bit of more range

  18. Why did WG nerfed the guns of IJN DDs in the first place?!? Whole forum said it was a terrible terrible idea. It has been over a year since that nerf and WG only now understood that the IJN DDs need good alpha strike :/

    • IJN DD are mainly torpedo boat since they have the highest damage in the game making it balance I suppose combine with great stealth

    • Becasue WG does what the hell it wants without listening to the customers. This has clearly been shown over and over again.

    • +Kevin Durant they used to have best concealment. But it not true anymore. At least it does not help you that much if you get spoted 1 or 2 seconds later. They had great alpha, for instance old fubuki was my favorite dd. WG nerfed that too. As you say they have high damage torps but WG nerfed them as well, because of BB sailors, who has no clue about wasd hack. Now they get spoted from the moon. Their long range torps are crap and short range ones gets you killed in radar meta. They are really in a bad spot.

    • +P4RDUS Totally agree – WG should just un-nerf the DD line as power creep has rendered them almost irrelevant in many games. What they did to the Minekaze and Fubuki was nothing short of criminal.

  19. Japanese Cruisers and Japanese destroyers have fallen victim to the power creep recently. Take this out for instance Heavy Cruiser with less survivability than the new American light Cruisers. WTFO
    The Shima has definitely Fallen victim to power creep lately

  20. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    WG wanting the IJN to be the ultimate Torpedo Boat , but then at these mid to high tier DD, their torpedo damage, torpedo range and concealment simply do not measure up and manifest in actual advantage making them very vulnerable and simply under performing at the top except for Sima but that’s because she can be customized to have either very long range or very fast torpedo but any of them are simply not in for a gun duel as they are now. I did feel with the intro of more CL, many Radars ( including Asian DD ), UK, and even Russian DD that match or exceed IJN DD Torp in some cases the characteristic advantage of suppose to be an IJN DD character just fail to get there. And like other had stated before this is not a buff this is un-debuff. I think its about time the IJN DD got some more Torp damage, Torp range and a better concealment for these mid to high tier boats so they actually do stand above the others in this aspect and can execute actual Torpedo Boat battle. Its all too often too easy to see the Shima doing well and ignore the fact that all the other IJN DD are pretty much out matched by like tier DD of other nations .. They have similar concealment( with only marginal difference that do not made thing different in game ), similar torp range, but the all had much better guns .. his is why IJN DD player had typically simply shun from even using them, cause the outcome is almost always a failure in the end

    • Totally agree – and the torp buff needs to go through the whole range if these ‘torpedo boats’ are to be relevant again

    • Legit if they don’t reduce torpedo concealment then buff the speed by 10 knots all around that’s more than enough to reduce the time a player gets to react

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