Japanese SUPER SHIMAKAZE – World of Warships

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Yamagiri is Japanese super tier DD, which is essentially Shimakaze on steroids, with both guns and torps being much more lethal.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. How are you doing mr potato or is it montana princess?

  2. comment il fait pour suivre les obus une fois qu il a tiré?

  3. Good game. Most fun for Yamagiri I had was the fastest-loading torps, IIRC 8/20 combo? You either hunt DDs with fast fishes or switch to CV-hunting 20kms. For BBs there is not much of a difference and that 15s faster reload is nice to have 🙂

    • Yup I like 8/20km combo , funny today video Jingles call 20km noob tubes and make a fun out of players that play it … I would like to see his Shimakaze stats … if he even have Shima …

    • ​@Huzarionthe reason 20km torps called noob tubes was because only noob who gonna catch it those torps was slow compared to 12km and 8km also those torps can be seen from 2.5km even without hydro. U should have got enough time to dodge those torps.

    • @Huzarion they are noob tubes. Many noobs are using them because 20km range means they do not feel like need to get somewhere to launch them in range. And it is true. Correct use of them is flooding key areas with them and/or hit backsniping BBs/CVs. They are not great for DD vs. DD plays not for sneaky torp runs due to their visibility.

      With Yamagiri they are most usefull, because if you aim 18 torps in general direction of enemy ship´s supposed sail line and you half-overlap spreads as usual, those are pretty hard to avoid if you do not expect a DD firing at you and even eating 2-3 from those hurts a LOT. The key to succeed with them is by using them on unsuspecting targets and/or narrow passages where avoiding is difficult in general.

    • @Jan Mitiska 2023 20km torps are best choice , T10 there is plenty way to get detected cv , radar , subs and Shima have low detection but guns that can be use for defende , but now there are plenty DD that will outgun you , and getting in battle where othere DD will radar you or hydro is a big and then get outgun , 20km x 15 torps salvo hit often , I am not best shima player out there , but I have 167 battles on her in random I have legenday mod 12km & 8km torps unlocked , 8km are suicidal and I only have use it in 1 vs 1 brawl , 12km are good for random where you gave 6 vs 6 that work well there are everybody are close , but for random 20km is best way to go , you have ships spread all over map and bb most ofen in weekend just camp and spray enemy wih shells , and cv that often stay at spawn spot and only move after get attacked , 20km torps are very handy in that mode , as shima can do raids behind enemy lines and use 20km torps to molest unsuspecting cv & bb I have done that before with sucess .

    • @U_dinz Clone 04 I considered 20km torps as mines , when you send it in to last know position of with wide spread , I get 1-4 hits , I have great experience with those on more empty maps .

  4. I predict guided missile cruisers by the end of the year. Most likely Soviet.

    • I hear this often but apparently it’s already been tested and put off because they either worked like torps, guns or planes.

      So adding missiles was given a no because it wouldn’t be new and really if its not a new gimmick it’s not worth the effort to WG.

      I’m sure they will come at some point, but as long as we can get radar smoke mogador and the like we won’t see missiles.

      I mean we still have things like a bb with full 40mm bow and stern, cruisers with bb armor, cv with guns etc that can be cooked up first.

    • Nah man! The Soviet cruisers will be equipped with ICBM’s with multiple guided MIRV’s.

  5. Is funny how they added a 3 burst salvo F key in a torpedo boat just to encourage players to use their main guns

    • i actually like the yami but i keep forgetting abut the burst fire because its so restricted on best when to use it.

  6. I still am a little p***** WG felt the need to introduce Tier XI ships.

  7. Hey Flambass, how about a WoWS/Aliens fusion. Instead of torps, you fire xenos and when the hit a ship you see them climb out of the water and enter the ship to attack it? Your Aliens playthrough is a lot of Lols.

  8. Torpedoes do not fire in a straight line (except single fire) they fire in a fan spread pattern, travelling outwards the further they go. You can only minimize the spread by countering the angle each launcher creates by firing at very slow speed and adjusting your aim accordingly. Yet still, however many years this game has been out people still fire spreads too far apart for the target range.

  9. admiral flambass may i be so rude as to ask how you mastered the english language so well? love your videos.

  10. CatOfSchroedinger

    Last “goal” in overtime – lol.

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