Jean Bart 300k damage (World of Warships Legends)

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Music: Doom Eternal OST – Cultist base


  1. godly bro love the vids

  2. Rapidz *does almost 60k before even moving*

    Me who moves the entire game *can only scrape together 50k*

    Life isn’t fair

  3. The best editor and the best videos.

  4. Whenever I see stuff like this it makes me regret that I couldn’t have gotten this ship. I was 1 milestone away.

  5. That’s the one featured in Spartan’s channel i think, always good to see bangers like that xD my personnal best with JB is 250k ish and i was proud before that video lol

    French bias ?
    Me, a french : hold my baguette ! 🇲🇫🥖🍷

    Now do this with Gascogne 😂😈

    • Gascogne ou Champagne, si c’est possible de faire 300k avec l’un d’eux. xD

    • @arnaud4684 sachant que le Jean Bart est le seul cuirassé hors légendaire à avoir passé les 300k dans les records, j’y crois pas des masses lol après Champagne mon record c’est 200k et des poussières donc pourquoi pas 😅

    • @Bastien Karabin Now both in english pls

  6. Nicely done Rapidz. The highest I’ve made recently in a single match was over 210k damage with the Kansas and got the vid uploaded to my channel and got 2 out of the 4 heroic challenges done and almost had a 3rd but still proud of what i did achieved. The video is called Kansas Kraken.

  7. Man these videos never disappoint me

  8. JB is a beast if you manage the fires. Now that was allot of damage! Well done

  9. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Let us all just appritiate that he did not drive to the map end and then waited to loose the battle

  10. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Expectations of the JB:

    The reality: *the Jean Bart has just one ability to drive – and it is backwards.*

  11. What commander specs and influence do you use?

  12. I’ve had tougher games against the AI.

  13. And he did it again, again he uploads a video where my achievements look like some five years old kid made them.
    But anyways, it’s a nice video✌👍

  14. Christopher Campfield

    I’ve been waiting for this awesome bro 😎

  15. Orange orangutans 101

    Is Andrew Cunningham a really good inspiration to have

  16. Every single time I see a video of this ship it make me regret not being able to get her in time
    Praying gods each day to get her one day

  17. The yoda scream folds me every time

  18. Stephen Bickenhill

    Ah. Pgrapidz. I thought you were just a myth (light hearted sarcasm ofcourse). Been playing 2 years and never seen you (until 3 days ish ago in your orkan) lol. Happy sailing bud. Good vid

  19. Versing Nagato an Colorado 😂😂😂 game was over before it started, even Roma no match.
    Wg unfair match making I love it 😂

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