Jean Bart || 9 kill – World of Warships

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  1. Patrick Infinite

    Jesus! Jean Bart is good! I will tale this ship!

  2. Patrick Infinite


  3. Aleksej Orolicki

    01:24 Jean Bart hits broadside Al Montpelier; does only one over penetration:

    Over penetration: does 5k damage
    Yamato’s over penetration damage: Am I a joke to you?

  4. let the storm begin ^^

  5. Stop tracking your shells everytime!!! –‘

  6. The perfekt Campership. That’s really what we need in WoWs.

  7. Максим Че

    Учитесь как надо правильно снимать Replay!!!

  8. In the intro you wanted to say “Panzerknacker presents” and you translated it by “présentée” but that not you will translate it in french, you will say “présente” just to let you know 😉 nice vid by the way

  9. Nobel Bin Eakub

    Thats @Panzerknacker actually not jean bart 😀

  10. thx for tracking the shots everytime, it feels so much more interactive and fun to watch

  11. Abdelrhman Eleimy

    I want this intro plz any link?

  12. Great thimbnail

  13. Алексей Быков

    That Ibuki could’ve just run away and won the game

  14. is worth buying jean bart ? i’m thinking about buyind a premium ship but i’m not sure which one is worth the money

  15. Anyone find it funny or ironic that a T9 premium ship like this is equal to the new regular tech line of Russian Battleships (though worse than T10)

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