Jean Bart and World of Warships current state!

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-These are my tips and tricks. This is how i think during battle and how certain plays can affect you and your team.
-Keep in mind, this what I think it can help you guys to and understand my decisions. There are no “right” / “straight foward plays”. There are several options during battle.
-When I make questionable decisions I like to mention my own mistakes.
-No one is perfect at this!
A current list of my T10 ships(I will try my best to research ships that I dont have yet):

– Grozovoi
– Moskva
– Smolensk
– Khabarovsk
– Kremlin
– Midway
– Puerto Rico

– Audacious
– Daring
– Yueyang
– Harugumo (Research Boreau)
– Shimakaze
– Zao
– Yoshino
– Hakuryu
– Kleber
My stats:…
If you dont have the game yet and you want to play it, click the link!
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It helps a lot!!! 😉

Thank you for watching!!!

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    • Smonlenk is a popular pick for HE spammer. But why is Harugumo not as popular as Smonlenk? Also is Harugumo popular in competitive play? Thank you

    • Because Smolensk does what harugumo does, but in a more effective way. Smolensk is a pure HE spammer. It has a lot more DPM then harugumo. Harugumo is a very slow, big and clumsy DD.Doesnt have a hydro to protect himself like smolensk does. And besides that he is in the DD role. You want an agile, fast and flexible DD. Harugmo isnt anything of that. Since they implemented Smolensk to the game, Harugumo lost its way. Harugumo isnt popular in competetive play. In competetive play, people prefer agile, stealth and good torpedo boats or flexible ones.
      With all of this, what I want to say is that Smolensk does harugumos job in a much better way. Thats the reality sadly. I used to play a lot of haruguo, but since they released Smolensk, I dont play it at all.

    • Miguel Xabregas That is really really well and clearly explained. Thank you very much! You are the best!

    • @Daniel Chung Thank you ^^

  1. well it looks like you got your wish. this ship is now gone. it’s impossible to get. I’ve been saving half a year for this ship in coal and now there’s nothing worth getting with coal.

    • I feel sorry for you :/ Thunderer is a great ship if you dont have it. Marceau in my opinion its ok but just another HE spammer…

    • @Miguel Xabregas I appreciate your response. I might give thunderer a try. Though a wish for the life of me they’d give the Yashima better secondary range… so it can join the ranks of the gneis and Georgia, 6 gun BBs with good secondaries.
      Then it would truly be worth all that steel.

  2. I’ve been thinking about matchmaking and there’s a relatively simple fix that will help.

    At the start of the battle, you’re paired with an opposite player, in terms of tier and ship class, BB, CA, DD, CV. A simple win-rate (or some other performance metric, their choice) balance can be achieved by swapping these pairs around so that the average win rate for each team is similar, or similar-ish.

    Since it’s done just before the battle starts, this won’t affect the matchmaking algorithms which decide which match to put you in, for example.

    Of course, this means that you and other good players will always have potatoes for teammates.

    • As long as the teams are balanced, thats perfect. I dont mind to play with less experience players as long they are on both teams and not fully concentrated on one. Seems quite a nice idea!

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