Jean Bart Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Review of the Jean Bart in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends)


  1. Easy campaign, but I don’t have much time to play this first week…I was going to sit it out, but it looks awfully tempting…

    I’ve saved my resources on the French BB Captains…still trying to decide between Guepratte and Jaujard…

    • I’d get done what you can do this week, and then hit the missions for the rest of the weeks, and that way you’ll have the option to pick it up for cheap

    • @Tbull …yep, that’s the plan for now…ummm… of course, HMS Nelson is coming early January…decisions, decisions…????

  2. What are your toughts on bismarck?

  3. Dang man. Every review I see makes this ship look very formidable. I wont say OP because to bow in to your target you have to go sideways to somebody else but those guns are devastating

  4. great video took me a second to get use to your mods. but I like them do you have a list of the mods. thanks

  5. Not surprising to see just how good JB is. That reload boost will make bad players rage a lot going forwards lol.

  6. This ship likes being at range. That said.
    Saw you yesterday on North, Tbull. If not for that Jervis, we would have played a round of Mike Tyson’s Punch out. Trying to take each other’s guns out.

  7. Jean Bart looks strong, can’t wait to get it. Saw your video on Tirpitz buff and decided to roll her out. Wasn’t expecting anything special but Wow! Had my best game ever without feeling like I tried very hard. Used islands and took her into brawling range to great effect. Thanks for all the great content you upload. Watching them has really improved my results.

  8. DDs come through the middle on that map?

    Not THIS DD captain. Every time I try that I get smoked.


  9. I wish more players would watch your videos Tbull. I played a game yesterday in my Myoko, spawned next to a JB and thought; “Great, I can safely play behind this guy while he tanks like a pro.” Wherein he immediately pulled a 180 and spent the entire game kiting away from the enemy toward the back of the map. I was thinking of Yuro’s Kidd video; “Looks like tier 3 BB user bought JB” and laughing. It was priceless. We lost.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong in order to complete the mission next to the g101 mission you need this Jean Bart.?? How do you use a ship you don’t have in other words behind a paywall they want you to pay for the ship in other words pay for the whole campaign to obtain a chef to do a mission am I wrong

  11. That is amazing but not good enough 248,000 with my the bismark

  12. Please don’t set the delay for the stream. I want to fight against the JB to see how effective it is

  13. JB handles well enough to forego steering gears in favour of propulsion mod?

  14. Torp boost is stronger. I am willing to bet most people dont know it is already in game…

  15. Ypu know what its only a tier five and different gun layout but im loving the normandie money making fun im even start to prefer it to old faithful newex

  16. The gap between T6 &T7 BBs is too great in my opinion for them to be matched in the same matches.

  17. A Fine Scale Madness

    Looking forward to the rest of the campaign. That map gave me my best shot ever, thanks to your tips. Center spawn in the Pensaclola but waited for people to push the centre through the channels. Omaha sent up a spotter plane that announced his presence, I loaded AP and waited. Short range direct hit into him, 5 citadels, from full health to zero… there was a very proud TBull style “He GAAAWN!”

  18. I’m so pleased I took the time to grind the Richy Lou now that there is a better french top tier BB available for anyone to buy.
    Seems a lot like wot logic to me.

  19. Everytime I play a BB my support ships take off as soon as the game starts. Very frustrating . The opposition loves nothing more than to see a lone BB . Jean bart or Iowa… it doesn’t matter…they run off like cockroaches when you turn on the kitchen light.

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