Jean Bart in 2022 still good? – World of Warships

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This is a game I recently played with my Jean Bart and Trilomar wanted to try his new video concept using it.
I’m mostly playing Marseille recently, trying to get those games up and it’s something new, but they play similar so I still enjoy a good JB match.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. As much as I enjoy playing Marseille, I do still like my good old JB

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  2. CV didn’t mean to press W so WG is to be blamed for that

  3. I love the new edit, the beginning was awesome with photo and ship info.

    For Trillomar: I am not so confident about those killcams, though. It looks cool, but gives away what happens. Instantly when you shoot now it is obvious if the shells connect enough to be a kill or not, and these massive spoilers take a lot from “emotional investment” of a viewer – seeing shells flying and wondering till the last moment, if it is gonna be a kill or not is a part of the drama, adventure of the viewer. Once you were shooting broadside Cherbourg, I was instantly like “nah, no killcam, he won´t get him”. Same with Amagi beforehand. Either implement them randomly (even for killsteals of friendly) and leave some kills without them, so it is a suprise for us and “only” an extra graphic sugar coating.

    • @Greg Rogers, no, for the same reason – it interrupts the battle or the experience of the battle, it takes you out of it, like you are watching the stupid TV show. Perhaps, it could be appropriate if there was a pause after kill like in football after goal but this is impossible.

    • He could let the video roll until he gets the kill the show the salvo from different angles decimating a ship?

    • @Mathew that would already repeat the thing we knew/saw. Not sure it would be beneficial, explosions in WoWs are generic and all times the same (4 fires, fireballs, instastop, slow sinking). Maybe once per battle if it would be the final kill, otherwise hard pass. The pace of battle shouldn´t be broken

    • @Jan Mitiska well you do get different explosions if you get a citadel so it could work for major dev strikes.

    • @Mathew never noticed this, might be true. Still it is … two types of destruction? How many times do we want to see it before it gets boring?

      That´s why I suggested this for a last kill of battle only.

  4. The ship is still good but its has gotten weaker because of the super bbs that smash it.

  5. I think those killing shots feel better when showing the side the shells are coming like in Worcester kill instead of 1st two kills. But that’s just my opinion.
    Great job 👏🏼

  6. Really liking the editing style and quack killshots.

  7. I love the intro with the stats and all. The killcm can be done rom time to time but please: the quak and the killcam together just don’t work. Dark, atmospheric, closing in shells…quack. That’s two different styles pressed into one format

  8. It’s still a good ship, But starting to show it’s age against the bigger gun BB’s like Vermont and Superships.
    Used to only be Musashi, Yamato that caused JB problems, But now even the super cruisers can destroy her and the super cv’s only need 2 runs and JB is gone, They shouldn’t have nerfed JB’s AA.

  9. of course the JB is still good. it’s my go to for when I need a ship I can for sure carry in and make some credits.

  10. Thanks for all the feedback! I am always looking for ways to provide new flavor to what I produce for you to enjoy. I’ll try this again at some point incorporating your suggestions to make this type of video more enjoyable.

    • I enjoyed the new style. But not sure id want to see it every video. Great work from us picky customers!

    • love the introduction of the ship <3 i also like the way you tried to introduce some new angles during the gameplay. Maybe mix it a bit more with things like the ram or some nice ship-by-ship sights.
      Imho it's something new and additional to just a "simple" recording from Twitch 🙂
      PS. tell Flambino about the Pin-Function so he can pin yours and his comment xD

    • I really liked the intro. The killcam 2 but as people say it take away the surprise of the matter. Maybe after the kill do little window somewhere that show the kill in that style.
      Great editing keep it up

  11. It’s still good… but the Musashi is still easier and remains my goto ship for farming credits, potential damage, and normal damage (at the same time). U know… for missions and stuff….

  12. This is great Flambass, basic details of the ship you play, cinematic kills though not that much

  13. As per usual great video, love ship stats in the beginning especially with picture of actual ship. Not sure about kill cam, kinda take away anticipation is it a kill or not… but Trilomar did a great job as allways. Liked freee cam shots as well. they kinda nice. Keep up great work both of you.

  14. loved the cinematic camera at the opener or when there was a lul in action, pulling the camera out of perspective when the shells land was a little jaring, perhaps a picture in picture replay after the kill

  15. Intro was 9/10! Only thing I’d love to see added would be a second chart, put alongisde the first, showing the post-buff values after you’ve picked your perks and flags.

  16. Great video and editing. Great old JB’s game 🙂

  17. you should have actually complemented the kaga for playing well – how much more fun did it make it for everyone else as a result!!! Love the starting graphic with ship stats – not sold on the kill cam – there is something about actually watching your shells land from the perspective of the ship firing that I prefer. PS – I know she has been a bit power-crept but still a member of the JB fan club

  18. I love the historical pic of the ship, and the extras from the new edits. Always fun to watch you play.

  19. Glad you told everyone that its not about skill but being lucky having a good team 🙂

  20. I agree that kill cam should be instant replay instead of real-time, since it spoils whether the salvo will be a kill while it’s still in the air.

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