Jean Bart is balanced comrade || World of Warships

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  1. What is the ending music?

  2. Wow, the 3 first MBRB were useless or misused, specially the third one which is used to balance a mistake of aim… and the 2 last against 2 yamatos broadside… it was easy to score with those dumbs BBs. Most of the battle was a poor gameplay imo.

    • He haven’t had it played very skillfull, the enemies were just stupid enough to give him broadside. You could have done the same with any t9/10 BB, even quicker sometimes

    • @Mathieu Plessis And Do u have any replay on here? Not ” poor gameplay ” man?

    • True +Mathieu Plessis – poorly and sometimes rly stupid aim, first MBRB @ shima was so hilarious dumb – i nearly spit my Coffee all over my keyboard cause laughing. Poor gameplay and just lucky that the enemys where that stupid. Thumbs down.

    • +Super Noob 1102 of course I have plenty of it, but that’s not the point.

  3. 3:24 My RNG for life, nice broadside shot, shotgun FU from RNJesus

  4. Someone plastered an American flag all over a French boat.
    Well at least it isn’t a German flag.

  5. Гарри Грари


  6. Its pretty balance until u do 30k dmg to conceqek (3 salvo only not count and i do it with mbrb and 3 fire) why shoot he coz he angling

  7. Bei mir fahren die Yamatos besser??

  8. Where there is a Yamato, there is a citadel

  9. Прекрасно отбалансен. А кто нихуя не отбалансен – так это Эльзац с перезарядкой 31 секунда и уебанским калибром. Эльзац надо апать до 25 секунд и будет чудесно. Ебать чудаки на близком расстоянии борты подставляют. Причем тут вообще баланс?

  10. so annoying when people use the shell camera on every long range salvo, it is inferior to just watching zoomed in where you can actually see where the shells land

  11. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Their Yamato class players have no map awareness….

  12. Can stand till the 4th shell view. Not anymore.

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