Jean Bart vs. 3 Musashi || World of Warships

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  1. 4:32 all overpen LUL

  2. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Que partida ? top ???

  3. The Sailing Robin

    This is just porn…

  4. The correct title should be: JB VS 3 potatoes…

  5. Risked losing that last kill by not ramming the last BB.

    • Mus had 82k hp, JB could not kill him in a ram if he didn’t have ram flag or Mus had it, after a heal Mus could get back to over 30k which is possible for him to finish the rest of the potato team

    • Павел Коровкин

      at 2 KM or less musashi’s turrets don’t have enough speed to follow you. so you have time to shoot under the front turret then stop and shoot to the full broadside before she could catch you.

  6. YOU need to be nerfed

  7. That was a thing a Beauty! 5 kills 17 citadels in a ranked game.. Like a predator waiting patiently on his prey, outstanding positioning and smart game play and i have to mention this a few idiot’s giving some lovely broadsides…..?

  8. Russian server.

  9. must have been poor musashi players

  10. It no contest the musashi’s citadel is humungous. They are like EXP pinatas.

  11. Always Yama/musa players who don’t know about the weakness between both of their frontal turrets in 2019 ? that’s depressing…
    I wish to face these players too.
    Easy pizzy then.

  12. “Pls Senpai, can I come now?”

  13. Сергей Кулинич

    Ого красавец, 1 раз такое вижу !

  14. Even I did it many times in jb

  15. 3 potats vs the french bread stick..

  16. Заебись. Пиздатый бой.

  17. Uchuu senkan Jeaaaannn Baaaaarrrrtttt

  18. From 7.30 to 8.30 it was like..oh shit, i just remembered i am late for something, need to move quick, don’t have time for those two fools..

  19. 3x idiot full broadside musashi 😀 we are high league and musashis full pruva war we see musashis nose

  20. Nobody noticed the parachute at 2:04 yet? Or nobody cares? ?

    • Its the game mode. You capture a zone and a buff is airdropped in.

    • +Timothy Kush that’s a Nice feature…

      But look closely, the thing hanging underneath makes me think of the toy paratroopers one could buy in stores during the ’80’s and ’90’s.

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