Jean Bart vs. USS Massachusetts || Cinematic || World of Warships

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coming to World of soon !??? maybe tier 7 premium
cinematic about the Naval Battle of Casablanca. check links below for more info:

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  1. Михаил Серафимов

    tnx for making this!

  2. cant wait to see Jean Bart and Richelieu in the game – what about you ? tier 7 or 8 would fit perfect.
    check the links in the info box for more, Jean Bart is 99% sure to come to the game from what i heard….
    best regards

  3. thx my favori BB in the World

  4. When Jean Bart does make it as a Premium I hope it will be the Post WW2 AA and Secondaries Monster and hopefully Wargaming will not pull another De Grasse on us.

  5. Are sister ship the richlieu has undergone the attack of the English. He received 250 shells of 380 mm. He successfully repelled the English shipsé_de_1939)#

  6. Hi nice vidéo but i think Jean Bart will be a T8 prenium BB not T7 cause she got good speed with 32kts max, good armor and 8x380mm in front so better in T8 than T7 i think. And for me T8 is better cause competitive tier and T7 is unbalanced and enought full of OP preniums #Belfast and Scharnhorst

  7. When is your next video? 😀 Keep it up!

  8. Nice video!

  9. Avacado_On_The_Wall

    Home state ship 😀 though I hate WG for choosing Alabama over Massachusetts >:(

  10. Javier Rodríguez

    Tier 7? Better tier 8 as projected or even tier 9 as finished after WW2, with crazy AA defense

  11. is it true supertesters ans kontributurs become the british bbs to test with 0.7

  12. Tier 4, with only one turret and no secondaries, as is during this fight….. JK JK. With as good as though 15 inch guns were, probably tier 8. Also, make note of Wichita in there.

  13. wtf torpedobeats!!!

  14. Ah yes… the Wargaming video about the Massachusetts and the battle of Casablanca.
    However it is full of errors and oversimplifications and the battle didn’t end there as the video would suggest it… This is a nice entertaining video but shouldn’t be used as historical documentary material.

    There were way more than 3 US ships at that battle (21 warships), the numerous planes dogfighting in the sky and relentlessly bombing are missing, the fire exchanges with the coastal batteries and their neutralization aren’t really shown, the brave sortie of the Primauguet, a Duguay-Trouin-class cruiser (yep the actual French CL Tier 4) with 3 Destroyers to engage head-on the Massachusetts and its escort isn’t represented at all, US losses aren’t talked about and the Massachusetts isn’t the one that sunk everything…

    Also French submarines still stalked the task force, harassing them and the carriers for several days and the Jean Bart wasn’t sunk. Its crew repaired the guns during the night and continued to give covering fire for French ships the following day until bombers from the Ranger dropped 1,000 lb bombs on it which finally caused its sinking.

    In all, the Battle of Casablanca took 8 days before ending when the whole French North Africa rallied the Allies, thus ending Operation Torch ( )

  15. The real life Jean Bart was completed late in 1955 but had a ridiculously OP AA battery; even moreso than Des Moines.

  16. i want the uss mass., make it an operation reward. or another usn BB line in the game.

  17. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    0:48 That Cleveland’s secondaries

    EDIT: Never mind that’s Wichita.

  18. une tragédie 🙁

  19. Jean bart is just part of the Dunquerque class, right?

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