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  1. Reftous Warships

    lets be honest this line is crap the tier 10 is a shitty atlanta its for torping and attempted wither medals the good result is via the captain

    • Disagree. The torps are amazing, especially in ranked. I’m looking at Trenlass’ positioning (note I’m only half way through video) and he’s farming from smoke whilst torping. This lets them know where you are, so they predict the torps – just like of you were playing a DD. You have to be mobile and suprise them with the torps.

      Smoke farming is the secondary function when they’re pushing you. You need to think of it like and oversized DD and position yourself aggressively. It’s a high risk/reward ship which gives it very high potential in the right hands and makes it fun to play.

      There’s little they could do to this ship, which wouldn’t make it OP. I acknowledge the ship isn’t for everyone and it’s not going to perform well in the hands of the average player. It has a high skill floor and ceiling.

    • Reftous Warships

      @Joshua Lynas it is a high skill ship the atlanta is a high skill ship i love the atlanta but i love it because its tier 7 and does hilarious things to bbs but yeah agreed ships like her and mino aren’t nearly as forgiving as for example petro

  2. 4:53
    Trenless have a point, AA is just a placebo so that the player thinks he is doing something against the planes, in practice it is useless

    • AA would make sense if shot down attacking plane didnt get replaced from backup flying planes. but that would hinder favorite class, so not gonna happen
      By current design its completely useless. Also absolutely hate fact that in late game, CV sends freshly painted 100% battle ready planes against battle scarred AA killed ships. And IF you make it thru all of it, you face 100% HP boss thats as fast as you … good luck with that

    • Gareth Fairclough

      As Drachinifel put it, they’re AA guns for “morale purposes”.

  3. Can’t say I’ve seen anyone be positive or have much good to say about the Pan Asian cruisers. I enjoyed T6 Rahmat somewhat as in the right matchmaking that’s fun. Chungking as well against T4 CVs but basically they only work if top tier and facing seals. These ships need a big overhaul, hydro at the very least, longer smokes and better concealment. I’m certainly not playing them in the current meta.

    • Stephen Lawrence

      i like the sejong for ranked and i`ve done really well with it, but random well i find it too squishy and situational but i`m not a top tier player

    • I love them, you can completely deny a push by yourself. The only things I dislike are the ballistic (I’d rather have less reload and a better ballistic) and the lack of airstrikes (depth charges are not suitable for cruisers).

    • Rahmat was the biggest struggle of the line for me.
      The T7 could use a bit more range, but is otherwise similar to Flint (which is also powercrept badly).
      T8 and up are actually good ships with a high skill floor.
      You need to position yourself well and make use of the torps. They’re amazing at defending a flank. Hydro on Jinan would be too much.
      Yeah they’re squishy, but they need to be given their potential. I’ve had lots of fun using Jinan in ranked.

      I have 21 point Da Rong commander built into the torps and fire demolition expert. I skipped adrenaline rush and don’t think it’s necessary – there are a few options for how to spec the commander.
      I never actually played Chungking, just looked like a worse Huanghe (it is the same ship).
      I think some of the ships could use a few tweaks, but for the most part they’re ok. Something I don’t think people appreciate about the T8 Harbin is she has the best gun velocity and torp angles of the line.

    • @Stephen Lawrence sejong definitely has better guns, but Jinan is a better balance in my opinion.
      In Jinan I’m not firing most of the time. And it’s much easier to hit a DD who’s in your detection range or a BB/CA who’s pushing.
      The weakness is when you’re the one pushing. You don’t have the range or survivability to make a meaningful impact most of the time.

    • Stephen Lawrence

      @Joshua Lynas i find my weakness in random is often 14 other people on my side 🙂

  4. david shmilowitz

    For some reason, in my subscriptions it says the video is 14:51 long, but here on the vid I only see 13:55. which one is it? I hope I’m not missing a full minute of the vid.

  5. This ship is trash for most players and that’s a good thing. It had the potential to be way more toxic than Smolensk.

  6. Are those guns or catapults?

  7. For the people saying there is good AA, how do you define “good AA”. What are your criteria for determining if a ship has good AA or not? I’m honestly curious.
    If AA can stop a cv from getting off at least one strike?
    If AA can stop a cv from spotting it regularly enough for the enemy ships to kill it if the cv wants to focus it?
    If AA can shoot down enough planes to render the cv unable to send out squadrons?
    Or are there some other criteria that I am not thinking of?

    Please help me understand because I’ve heard people say this since cv rework, and I’ve never understood why.

    • It really comes down to how you look at it. If you take normal ships that will shoot down one plane for every 16,000 hours they loiter over you then anything that does better than this is “good AA”. WG has told us that this is good so it must be good.

    • I think the second is the most realistic criteria right now. First is 99% impossible. The third is impossible for most t10 CVs.

    • It’s effective and defending freindly DDs from CVs in ranked and discouraging some CV attacks.

      With Def AA active, they can’t get a 2nd attack off usually.

      The state of AA in this game is crap, but the AA here is actually pretty useful in a ranked scenario and better at protecting teammates than yourself.

      Her main strength is the torps though. You need to be able to suprise people with them, which means not farming as you send them. If you’re sat there smoke farming a competent player will predict the torps and the angle so can dodge most/all of them. Use concealment and they don’t see it coming and can’t react in time.

      Also effective at ambushing around islands.

    • If someone’s playing Graf Zeppelin, then they can be deplaned easily, but it’s down to their skill due to how AA works.

    • @Joshua Lynas yea, i’ve heard that about the Graf, especially when it is attacking higher tier ships. I guess I was referring more to T10 because they don’t face higher tiers, if we are pretending that super ships don’t exist. Good point though. Some cv’s can be deplaned in certain situations.

  8. I played Chumpon wen ranking upp and it worked well for me on ranked.

  9. I had an idea for Wargaming but they closed the loophole which let me contact them. Map borders, currently you get stuck on them, I want that changed so you can escape over them but the next time you use your ship you go in with the same amount of damage and consumables you had when you left, and all your points for that ship are wiped out.

    • Maybe change it to have a danger zone and before you enter a minefield or something. Artificial borders have always been a bit naff.

      They could make some borders a minefield and some where ai subs/planes will attack your ship and one shot you maybe. Will stop people abusing borders.

  10. I had a Haku hover over me for a solid minute with dive bombers playing Halland yesterday. Good AA? Yea maybe IF they eat flak with DFAA going. He was never gonna do much damage with the bombers so he never dropped me. But he kept me spotted for the FDG and Schlieffen who’s secondaries obviously went crazy. I was the only player able to keep those guys spotted so I had no choice. I can at least potentially outrun a Radar’s range. I can’t outrun planes. And if the CV adds his damage in to his teams? Ha. Yea great time. Assuming it is one using the right type of planes which grand majority have some way of dealing with literally everything. At least radar has a spotting delay. If something like that was implemented to CV’s it could help, but still, there is no outrunning planes. Majority of DD’s don’t have the continuous of Halland.

  11. Tf is hidro

  12. @Trenlass, the perfect way to play this cruiser with slow ass shells is to zoom out 2 times after shift so that you lead correctly. Otherwise you have to lead off the screen xD

  13. That sub deserves some credit for taking out the CV @11:32

  14. you did well trenlass in a ship that if an enemy sneezes in your direction, half your hp is gone…… it irks me because it should be really fun to play. high rate of fire and torps for days….. but it isnt…

  15. I have this ship. And i played the most battles on it on tier X i have so much fun playing this. For me it is really fun and good

  16. Sooo…what exactly is the argument left for not bringing the Kitakame back?

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