Jingles Featured Battle With Comms – World of Warships

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You probably saw this match already on Jingles channel but now you get it with actual comms between the 3 of us, so you get to hear what we think and how we communicated or screwed around.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. MyopicAutisticMetal

    This is the one he showed the other day I take it, that old guy sure loves you, Flambass!

  2. I was about to go to bed when this distraction popped up. Crap, who needs sleep? And it burns, burns, burns. The Perma Fire! The Perma Fire!

  3. 1:30 funny enough, i once got hit by such blindfire ^^

  4. i was like where’s jingles i had to re-read the title i must’ve missed that video he did, been trying to play more xcom 2 so i can finally finish the long war campaign! such a great mod, but man it eats so much time been going two or three weeks still got a lot to go!

    So cheers watching it with comms will be how i see this!

  5. Such a fun game to watch twice. Thanks for the audio!

  6. Watched the replay now i get to see the 1st person

  7. Funny enough i have actually hit people a couple of times blindfiring at the start of the round. “X marks the spot” 👀

  8. I seen jingles feature and thought you convinced the old man to play in a div haha 😄 oh well

  9. Edgar on opposite team not divisioning, got a kraken and almost 2k bxp. Compliment worthy.

  10. Nice, that u both dont play save, but push. EPIC🤟

  11. You guys really lucked out near the end there LOL. GG

  12. Good video. Thanks for posting.

  13. I love the fact you was able to have fun in this match. GG’s

  14. Its always a joy to watch a video like this when you see 3 people who know how to play the game.

  15. Okay, if you can convince the Salt Gnome to come on a div with you that would be insane. Or insanely funny. Either or.😂

  16. Excellent Battle dude! 👍

  17. Liberal sock puppet

    I love the Alvaro DeBazan, trying to play it better. Thank you for the tutorial.

  18. Hey bud, a most excellent game. For me, having a Jingles and Flambass video to watch and have my morning tea is a great start to any day. Take care bud and hugs from Canada. 🙂👍

  19. “I did everything including all muscle groups in one workout” as a girl who body builds in cycles to keep my health up, you should work different muscle groups to muscle failure on different days if you want to maximize muscle gain. I do back and bicep on Monday, chest and tri the Wednesday, and legs to finish my week Friday when I know im going to spend my Sat and Sun at home gaming all night with my friends.

  20. For anyone who needs to hear it, Flam is spot on about excersise. I started eating less potatoes and sweets alongside starting with 5 sets of 10 pushup and 10 squats. In 14 weeks I’ve lost 14 kg so it works and it has t been a huge effort, just a small change. Hopefully someone will see this and start for themselves. 💪 Nice vid as always Flam.

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