Jingles Featured Battle With Comms – World of Warships

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You probably saw this match already on Jingles channel but now you get it with actual comms between the 3 of us, so you get to hear what we think and how we communicated or screwed around.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. MyopicAutisticMetal

    This is the one he showed the other day I take it, that old guy sure loves you, Flambass!

  2. I was about to go to bed when this distraction popped up. Crap, who needs sleep? And it burns, burns, burns. The Perma Fire! The Perma Fire!

  3. 1:30 funny enough, i once got hit by such blindfire ^^

  4. i was like where’s jingles i had to re-read the title i must’ve missed that video he did, been trying to play more xcom 2 so i can finally finish the long war campaign! such a great mod, but man it eats so much time been going two or three weeks still got a lot to go!

    So cheers watching it with comms will be how i see this!

  5. Such a fun game to watch twice. Thanks for the audio!

  6. Watched the replay now i get to see the 1st person

  7. Edgar on opposite team not divisioning, got a kraken and almost 2k bxp. Compliment worthy.

  8. You guys really lucked out near the end there LOL. GG

  9. Good video. Thanks for posting.

  10. I love the fact you was able to have fun in this match. GG’s

  11. Its always a joy to watch a video like this when you see 3 people who know how to play the game.

  12. Liberal sock puppet

    I love the Alvaro DeBazan, trying to play it better. Thank you for the tutorial.

  13. “I did everything including all muscle groups in one workout” as a girl who body builds in cycles to keep my health up, you should work different muscle groups to muscle failure on different days if you want to maximize muscle gain. I do back and bicep on Monday, chest and tri the Wednesday, and legs to finish my week Friday when I know im going to spend my Sat and Sun at home gaming all night with my friends.

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