Jingles! Whats Up With Warships? Part Deux

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Got an Hour to Kill? Then why not listen to ? YouTubes Favourite SeaDog (chatting to some sniffling coughing twerp)

Topics Discussed:

Recent changes in including but not limited to;
& .
French BB’s
USN Split
Carrier Changes
Community Contributor status
Games played recently
Twitter Questions!

Screng: Am I right that WoWS is more vulnerable to *one bad player* ruining the game or am i being a negative nancy?

Tor2.0: What was your favorite lesson that you learned from being in the ?

mr+red110: Top 3 things WoWS does very well and Top 3 things that could stand to be improved?

If you were forced to pick one ship, and one ship only and had to get rid of all the rest in your port,
what would you keep?

Grizzly_fish: What royal navy ship should they have saved from scraping and made into a museum ship?

Trules98: (who created a twitter account to specifically ask this) I want to ask Jingles what he thinks of
the American new tech tree.

BasBJC: What music do you listen to?

Please send business enquiries to: iearlgrey@iearlgrey.tv


  1. I’ll listen to this while playing WoWS

  2. santa is back 😀

  3. Gentleman, three hurrays for Jingles for helping a YouTuber who went through hard times. This should get the Earl back on many people’s radar.

  4. When they talk about “increasing USN CV’s versatility,” they aren’t talking about the number of loadouts, they’re talking about the loadouts themselves.

    • mike sly yeah Youu can tell jingles and Earl don’t CV very much. I dont either, but I understand that the US planes are more tanky and have larger squads so having balanced loads instead of missing a torp squad or being fighter heavy etc, it’s more versatile by definition.

    • Yeah honestly…. I was like “Have you guys even played US CV?” The CV where you either pick full SA or no SA at all? In my opinion it can’t be much worse versatility than this….

      Deep water torps… the same… what destroyers you don’t want to hit with your torps? Oh yes! Your own destroyers. What you do when you fire torps from second line? It was quite cringy I must say 🙁

  5. @Jingles don’t you dare stop mingles with jingles on mondays . . do whatever you want the rest of the week, but if you take away the only good thing about mondays i am going on a rampage <.< Also: do some more collaborations like this. Play with iEarlGrey for example. Sir Foch may want to do some Heliborne with you!

  6. What a jolly chat.
     Bloody marvelous!

  7. Border surfing also seems to alter incoming shells. How many straddles have I gotten on some border humping noob

  8. nope. HMS Iron Duke should have been restored and redone. Jellicoe’s flagship at Jutland?

  9. A conversation between 2 English gentlemen, with great banter about the French. Great stuff gents, thanks.

  10. The Helena is a ST-Louis. Not the tier 3 the Brooklyn 2.0, and the Buffalo is a Baltimore wth en extra gun and Farragut Torpedos

    They got some Images of all of them except the Seattle and the Dallas.

    • Joeseph Hunnicutt based on the picture by wargaming the Helena will be a Brooklyn-class light cruiser armed with 15×6 inch guns in 5 tripple turrets. Three in the front, like IJN Izumo and two in the back.

    • Helena is the St. Louis 1939 class light cruiser, based of Brooklyn but with dual 5′ 38cal turrets. The main reason they are using Helena instead of St. Louis 1939 is that they don’t want to have a third St. Louis class name in the game.

    • What the hell is a Dallas??? The ww2 Dallas was a Clemson class DD – then post war was meant to be a Des Moines CA.

    • Dallas is a paper ship, kinda of a pre-Brooklyn I think. Remember folks, for paper ships, WG grabs any old name whether a ship with that name existed before hand or not.

  11. Hey Earlgrey, Here is the Buffalo that will be in the Heavy line. She has been in the game files since alpha. http://shipcomrade.com/ships/buffalo

  12. By the way, you are pronouncing Worcester correctly. It is for Worcester, Massachusetts. You are the only one saying it right. Chip! Chip! for you. 🙂

  13. But Lyon has 16 laser guns…

  14. flooding/fire dmg should not be possible on Teammate, i remember jingle shows a vid where the Bismarck set an alllied on fire with his secondary which he got no control on. and he get pink for that.

    • Michael Stanley he does have control, he didn’t know it though. I had the same issue and only later learned P turns off AA and secondaries both. Now I’m able to prevent those mishaps and have.

    • that doesn’t helps. If you are in the middle of a battle, that is why your secondary is firing. and now you turn it off, you just lose a majority of your fire chance. you will prevent possible teammate fire, but your action is more likely to result in a smaller impact in battle, and this is Bismarck we are talking about, turning off secondary is like using IJN cruiser firing AP only. also, if you turn off those module, you become vulnerable to aerial strike, and it might even hurt the team more, without the helps of your AA aura. your suggestion is a bad idea.

    • Secondaries do not set friendlies on fire anymore, so only way to do teamdamage now is to actually shoot them or torp them. Players fault.

  15. For that setting you need a pipe mate! 😉


  17. 4×4 turrets. Jingles: So 12 guns………… Jingles at his finest 😀

    • +Jens Svensson lol I thought that at the time but felt “best not interrupt” 🙂 (I make worse mistakes mind you!)

    • haha good choice, the mistakes are part of jingles and they are pretty darn funny and now he has some content next mingles with jingles 🙂 if he remembers that is höhöhö 😛

  18. Heard an interesting thought about why the split additions dont make much sense. Maybe Buffalo is a placeholder in early announcements. Maybe the Buffalo is really in the Seattles slot to mask the Des Moins getting down tiered to 9 and the USS Alaska added to T10. Alaska has 12 305s and 229mm of belt armor. A true lead to the US heavy cruiser line to rival battleship moskva

  19. Yeah, that’s our Jingles allright. Only he can say he liked british tier 2 battleship 😀

  20. That’s me in the Lion at 27:00 !

    God I suck at range, but I do love a brawl.

    Thanks Earl for making my day! 🙂

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