Julius Caesar good Ship ?? 160K DMG Kraken + 6 Medals || World of Warships

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Julius Caesar – 160K DMG Kraken + 6 Medals || World of Warships
_Admiral_Potato_ V Giulio Cesare


This was my second battle with the Giulio Cesare, resulted in a T5 match in wich i take her out for some seal clubbing, resulting in 160k damage, 500k credits, 11k xp (with multipliers) and 2k base xp. Map is Big Race and in Epicenter mode.
But i was not an easy win because of points deficit half way through the battle.

The ship is quite nice dispite what all people say about Italian ships, but i find her easier land shots at longer range than at close range.

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. what you think about the italian ships ??? i love the voice i have to say 😛

  2. can we hit 200 likes for this video ?

  3. finally they put another Italian ship in the game

  4. Italian ships fun and cool

  5. I think much better than Octomber revolution

  6. Ehh….

  7. Looking forward to Italia and Roma

  8. I really love this ship, the Sigma is so great, I got one game with 3 devastating Strikes 😀

  9. Hunting down Capitalists in Oc. Revolution is much more satisfying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. nice game. but found the enemy team doing a better job.

  11. I love thid italian voices

  12. ธนโชติ เมฆเจริญ

    Good or Bad ? I think it depends on player’s skills and experiences.

  13. Whut? Is Italian voice available?

  14. It’s a fun ship. Give us more Italians!

  15. Seee daje

  16. I like how rutinely you hold fire looking for shots that count… I wish I had the same discipline… v__v

  17. It is a fun ship

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