Just Have 1 gun , but get Kraken || World of Warships

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  1. First!!

  2. Mariusz Sobieraj

    “should give that replay to jingles” I can actually hear him laughing at this 1-gun situation 😀

  3. Yan Lou David Song


  4. The enemy BBs are so bad at aiming

  5. Actually it’s 1 turret, 3 guns.
    Not mentioning other thing like secondaries.

  6. Video is about a second out of synch with audio 🙁

  7. who recorgnize the thumbnail ? ^^

  8. Would be funny if Republique ends up with 2 turrets disabled but still manages to win with secondaries only.

  9. Aditya Eka Nugraha

    Ah My Replays :)) , thanks panzer :))

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