Just kill em ALL – Fiji Ranked – World of Warships

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Player: _DQ_
Map: Warriors Path

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  1. Attempt number 2 🙂 🙂

    He stole 2 of those kills… one was at 16 health and he shot at it only to ge the kill knowing full well the DD could have finished him. Same with the BB right after that. His friendly BB could have finished that NP. 2 of those kills are not legit imo.

  2. Don’t answer me.

  3. Great game. A couple of kill secures but still an awesome game.

  4. Did this upload by mistake yesterday?

  5. He killed 5 and some 2 others.

  6. Great! My best 5 kills.

  7. Well played, there is no kill still guys only kill secure! !!!!!!!!!

  8. great game..well done

  9. hm…killsteals…

  10. OMG, his back must hurt pretty badly 😀
    Had a smimilar game in the Akazuki yesterday, killed four ships and survived the battle after receiving a 8k damage volley from a Belfast^^

  11. British ap doesn’t obey the laws of gaming physics 😛

  12. do you want to say “no need team member”?

  13. how to use free cam like you using pls tell?

  14. no skill, just hide and steal, and x5 pultiplicator of XP lol, noob premium.

  15. @11:00 that triple cit was sick!!

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