Kaiser Haz Arrived – World of Warships

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German tier 4 anti-cap machine xD

Another low tier game for you, in a ship I did not play in ever before.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. That’s because the game is dying due to the extreme pay to win.

  2. low tier on asia is sometimes 1v1 lol

  3. Singing “Better than you” fighting guy with less than 300 battles.

  4. What the flying Duck!!!

    Its about when you start the game…early morning most players dont play smartie.

  5. Bots. Paaah.

  6. low tier is dead for ages. cause there is no reason to play it and its easy skipable with free xp. why should you play here? i mean for real?

    • As for me, it is the healthiest part of the game. Not that healthy alone but in comparison with other tiers – most normal. I play lower tiers when I want to play just normal, without all that stupidity of hier tiers.

    • Why would I play the shitstorm that is high tier when I can get 3 krakens a day in Tier 2?

    • @Angel Apolinar because is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you can get stuff easy, there is no value in them.

  7. I had a Tier IV game last night about 8pm UK and apart from me all of the other ships were bots , I was the only human but I must say that the bots in WoW’s are fair players compared to bots in some other games .

    • If yolo-ing and missing shots at close range is “fair” to you sir then thats kinda like a skill issue to be honest.

    • @Andy Mage The bot’s in the game I played were reasonably accurate and they zig zagged to avoid return fire , sounds like fair gameplay to me .

  8. The dispersion is enough to make you not want to play these tiers. I mean I could throw the shells better than most of the guns here.

  9. starcraft !!!

  10. Kaiser and Konig are two of my favorite low tier ships. Played them a lot, and personally I feel they are quite underrated by many. These are best played middle to short range, appearing around an island at an unsuspecting cruiser or battleship, and if you see that torpedoes have been fired, inexperienced Destroyer captains are targets too. Long range can be painful, so it is better to get into optimal range. This should be no problem for you, “Mr. BassFlam”!

    Important part is to have fun – and these ships can be quite fun. Refreshing, even. 😀

  11. David Chrysostom

    28 de-caps!

  12. I played one game in Gokase this morning at 8am.
    Tiers were 5 and 6, and while there was no bot, it was 10v10 with 3 cruisers, 4 DDs aaaand 3 submarines.

    Well it was a victory with a Kraken and 3 submarines to my name, but it’s a shame, as low and mid tier have some very fun ships.

  13. bertjesklotepino

    sad the game is dying.
    But that is what you get when they dont listen to the CC’s and keep throwing in nonsense to earn more and more cash.

  14. come to america i had one tier 4 game it was just me

  15. Im not seal clubbing im grinding stats……says the seal clubbers🤣🤣🤣

  16. World of warships gives enough xp tiers 1,2,3 that by the time you get to 4 you can skip it entirely. I have 14 researched ship i have never actually bought and played. I think world of warships did this on purpose to keep the casual players spending money to skip entire tiers of ships, deemed no fun.

  17. What might help the game somewhat is for all the snowflakes to stop moaning about players the so called state of the game `whatever that means` when they are sore about something especially those that have a voice, just a thought?

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