Kamikaze R – World of Warships – my first commentary ever – dont be toooo rude :-)

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140.000 – 2700 base XP nice and easy low round in my .
A few you guys asked me to comment on my videos – so here you go 🙂

I wont commentary all of my videos now.
Just the special ones and the “road to” so you wont have to hear my voice all the time^^

this is all really new to me so i need time to get better but it will be a lot of fun.
i am sure this is not the best 1 but it wont be too bad i hope – at least when i compare it to other commentarys from other youtuber i think i did ok.

leave me your feedback in the comments if you like.

as alwas, have a nice day – best regards, see ya!

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  1. You did a great job, keep it up and shake that low self confidence off and
    rock the boat! If i was half the skilled player you are i would already be
    proud of myself ;)!

  2. Nice to see your adding commentary to your video good work!!

  3. Good Job! Freue mich auf weitere Kommentare! Man sieht sich auf See!

  4. echt cooles video^^

  5. Yeah ur English is good, my German has fallen apart, been a long time since
    i went to school in South West Africa =D

  6. Your English is great man, so don’t worry about it. Cut out the “ehmms” and
    your commentary would be perfect! maybe you should write a script for your
    first few videos to help avoid this…

  7. at last..well done..look forward to more.

  8. Bro if that is your best English, then you will do alright in fact more
    then alright in the states or any english speaking country.

  9. you do good

  10. Keep it up well done!

  11. Nicely done!!! Your English is fine. ?

  12. English was ok, as well, as replay, keep making videos, you are good at it

  13. A really good video commentary, especially as it is your first one. Looking
    forward to the next one, keep up the good work.

  14. Taylor Sandbakken

    good job!

  15. Mental Dave (Mentaldave)

    For a first go, very good. With time you’ll relax more and find it more
    natural, great start.

  16. Cool! Mach weiter. :)

  17. Excellent job Panzerknacker
    keep up the good work
    your English is very good keep at it

  18. great video, more commentary! ur good at it!

  19. Very well done, sir. I think you may gain a following among the English
    speaking WoWships community on Youtube simply because of your German
    accented English. Maybe try doing some German language voiceovers as well
    for he German language community.

  20. Great vid, keep up the awesome work man!

  21. good job on the commentary, and a well played round (exept for the facepalm
    moment that is 😉 )

  22. Todd Pullara (Not Interested)

    Although it’s clear that english is not your first language, you have an
    excellent command of it. Please don’t stop doing commentary. It’s always
    nice to hear what is going on in the players mind during the battle.

    Also, nice Kamikaze game play. It’s one of my favorite ships.

  23. Nice Job, a lot of good tips for new and old players, as well as good
    explanation of your thought process leading to your actions. Keep going and
    making these commentary videos, You’ll go far. :)

  24. Great first commentarys! Keep up the great job. Great game aswell. Subs and

  25. gg wp hf commentary was good keep it up :)

  26. I feel I have learned much from your replay. Very nicely done.

    BTW, your English is much better than my German!

  27. very good video for a first commentary. keep it up

  28. it wasnt bad for the first time

  29. nice commentary and that editing when you died was great…keep on the good

  30. Practice, Practice

  31. German accent: much efficient, very liked.

  32. Great job. You can do it. Maybe speak some details about the ship you are
    sailing/reviewing. Hope to see more video’s like this from you.

  33. nice gameplay und eine schöne Einblendung aus der nackten Kanone, völlig
    zurecht, denn der gefressene Torp hätte nicht sein müssen, oder? :-)

  34. amazing video amazing commentary you are awesome thanks keep the great work

  35. Good job on your first commentary. Your english is fine. I hope to learn
    more from watching your gameplay. Thanks for the video.

  36. great job , more please, good english

  37. Good play……

  38. Gutes Video und gutes Englisch

  39. good job man, your English was great. keep up the great work ? also I’m
    from ireland what does a panzer knacker mean??

  40. Is it a mod you use to display the last known position of ships ?

  41. Nothing wrong whit Commenntary. Just prepare what u want to talk about. Try
    to get some less Uhh’s in 😀
    Take some notes from ppl like Flamu, Notser and Ichase for example. As long
    as u use good gameplay u cant go wrong.

  42. finally!

  43. Tor-Henrik “Tigern” Rydningen

    Hey Panzer, I like your videos. Noticed you through Jingles channel.
    For a first time commentary, you did well.
    It sounded very much like live commentary, I myself am a big fan of that. I
    do that most of the time on my videos. Even when I have videos that would
    benefit greatly from having a script.
    But with replays I think a few talking points are good to have.

    As for the match: daaaayum. I’ve been thinking about getting the Kamikaze
    R. Is it worth it?

  44. Wolfy xc (wolfyxc)

    Your voice is so calming. Keep it up :)

  45. i have been wating for this next step is face reveal :b

  46. well done mate, your english is good. very good first attempt and good game

  47. Great game and English was fine :)

  48. lechatdu91 ChatonQuiMetDesBifle

    it look good for a first one

  49. JakeFromStateFarm

    Nice video I hope to see more commentary in the future!

  50. Good first commentary. Could you describe ship setup you like a bit more,
    captain skill coverage was good. The commentary makes the games much more
    interesting. Good job, I look forward to more like this!

  51. I dont comment any videos but i have an advice for you. Try to prepare
    yourself before recording maybe you could make some training speaking
    before clicking the record button. Often youtubers have their own “youtube
    voice” where they sound different to how the speak during the day with
    their family or friends. A good example is Grian or MrCubey. Its important
    to sound interesting without aehm and that kind of stuff and dont worry
    making a “youtube voice” that sounds interesting and happy takes much time.
    If you comment the video after recording try to make some notes what you
    will say at which point so you dont have to improvise. It improves the
    quality. I hope i was able to help

  52. well done… ?

  53. most of the videos you uploaded yet would benefit from commentary! Gut
    gemacht, weitermachen! ;)

  54. bière petzouille


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