Kamikaze R World of Warships replay from SuzumiyaHaruhiz

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Replay destruction from Suzumiya in the tier 5 premium DD kamikaze R on Fault Line Domination Mode

Enjoy the Destruction.

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. I already have a Fujin which I bought… in the store.. for cash.

    I have decided to stay away from this “contest”. Like the ARP mission
    requirements, which I will never reach, the mission goals to acquire these
    prizes encourage undesirable game play in fellow gamers. Wargaming should
    put some of these prizes in the store (flags and ships) so people who have
    to work their lives away and dont have time for missions or even more than
    one or two rounds a day can get them as well. Not really interested in the
    Razor stuff. I buy the gear I like.

    Thanks for the video. I like watching your stuff.

  2. So much junk rewards on EU servers, makes me puke on them just..

  3. I feel like you’ve said this a while ago, but what mods do you use and how
    do you get them?

  4. I’d like to say I like your style of commentary, it’s low key and easy to
    listen to.

  5. Kamikaze is a Fujin (or actually the other way around).
    It is as good as Fujin/Minekaze and as Premium can train captains.
    Yes, you do pronounce Minekaze wrong.

  6. Fujin still has Halloween camouflage on it.

  7. we understand how you “want” to say it but these videos are informative and
    should be conveyed as proper,factual etc. and the pronunciation should be
    proper and respectful to the particular navy`s in which MEN served and died
    on some of those ships!–just my opinion and iam sure most share it

  8. Fujin in a different coat?

  9. I got this ship on the SEA server several weeks ago. Had to earn about 145
    pearls to get it. Wasn’t too hard to do. I love my US destroyers but I have
    a real soft spot for this Kamikaze R. It truly is awesome!…

  10. What part of Texas? DFW here. Enjoy your videos….

  11. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wait you cant Have the Kamikaze right now. It just came out and we havent
    reached 10 Million pearls..

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