KAMIKAZE! (World of Warships Gameplay NEW Japanese Destroyer)

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  1. why don’t you ram that into other ships? after all its a kamakazie

  2. I made it through the Project R event with 295 pearls, and at the end found
    a nifty new ship in my port. Overall I liked the event, even with the
    mid-event rule changes. There were very achievable milestones with some
    great rewards. If there was no ship at the end I still would have liked the
    event. Almost 5 mil in free credits, signal flags, cammo etc. and a chance
    to win real life Razer hardware.

    I’ve only played the Kamikaze once though so can’t give you a good
    description of how the ship worked for me. I did OK in the one match i
    guess, but still need to feel out where the concealment starts to kick in
    and how quickly I can manoeuvre to maintain that range.

  3. hope your finger gets better

  4. hope your finger gets better

  5. very honorable name

  6. Derzki torpeenus pleaz

  7. Is your finger better?
    if not i hope you get better fast :)

  8. Type 2 Torpedus 07

  9. lowa

  10. Mr.Awesome Mr.AwesomeFace


  11. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. WE WERE A MEME! What ship should we sail out next?

    Happy Valentines everybody!

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