Khabarovsk FIRE Daemon 304 K DMG – World of Warships

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Player: Luzzard
Ship: Khabarovsk
Map: Okinawa

First video I send now that I found how to…. =)
Despite one AFK ship and a poor start, we managed to win by killing them all.
My buddy got detonation in first shell hit from ognevoi… lol

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  1. i wonder does he have IFHE…

  2. Zao or Khaba? I don’t know which has higher potential for firestarting.

  3. i can also have 304k demage if the entire enemy team wouldn’t shoot at me still a good vid and a good player

  4. That RNG man …… he is getting fires each salvo he shot …….. i wish i get 50% of that RNG

  5. PK our lil pyromaniac haha

  6. I’m really like the russian dd line. Love my kiev to death. Hesitant about the tashkent but Khaba is worth it it seems.

  7. Hey Panzer its Demon not Daemon :p

  8. wow, amazing!
    Maybe, next time, we will see the new T10 USSR DD in action?

  9. The level of player judgement is revealed following the 6:00 mark. Seriously Luzzard, you’re going to roll the dice with torp range rather than just turn a few degrees? I don’t even know what to call that without being mean. You’ve got solid gunnery skills but you definitely picked a four leaf clover to get that kind of fire RNG.

  10. I can’t figure out why he doesn’t receive return fire. In my Gearing, once I start firing on the enemy, I get a barrage of return fire.

  11. Plays a dd at the back of the map.

  12. This torp!!!! I would have eaten it, too. Sometimes I feel I exactly steer into torps that are easy to dodge… Well played. 300000 more XP and I own the Khaba as well.

  13. 5 lvl ???

  14. hello unicon, nice to see u again

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