Khabarovsk: Hit me if you can – World of Warships

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Khabarovsk farming 350k damage from battleships.

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod


  1. JJ Stuart on Writing

    Saw a Khabarovsk the other day get 7 kills, unfortunately he was on the enemy team. There were a lot of tears and gnashing of teeth in our chat.

  2. Almost to this ship. Can’t remember what side it’s on but I’ve got both the ognevoi and Kiev!

  3. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    Ttier, don’t you have some games in superships that you want to show? We know you’ve been playing on PTS lately

  4. And players say Khabarovsk is bad lol

    • well you need a few things, default range is only 11.24kms so you need a Legendary upgrade to get +10% range and Main Battery and AA expert — then to get it to fire that quick you need Fearless Brawler, Adren Rush the other main battery reload …. and to survive Superintendent —- Basically a 21 point captain as well. Then you need to be a really good kiting player who can speed juke the shells …. so its a combination of a good player and lots of skill points and research bureau and a perfect storm of battleships without a CV.

  5. An Uber WoWs player in a Khaba, will deal pain and instill fear as he racks up each kill.

  6. Worst player and got lucky this time.

  7. It’s a TRAP !!!

  8. without the legendary upgrade, 21 pt captain he would have struggled. You need the range and the reload to do this.

    • I watched this commentary specifically for performance with legendary upgrade. 13.6 is pity range and too risky. Even des moins can hit you regularly

  9. this khaba is like Kremlin
    deal alot of DMG
    and tank alot of dmg Lmao

  10. Grozovoi does everything better than Khaba except 50mm plating which can be useful … or not when it arms cruiser AP – I know I once farmed Khaba side with Des Moines AP.
    Grozo got every Khaba consuamble and 2 extra, guns have more range and shell velocity – not to mention reload so having only 6 instead of 8 is not issue.
    Grozo is more agile, has defensive AA and doesn’t have to give up smoke for heal – but most importantly it is also quiet okay torpedo boat.
    Basically upcoming Delny is Grozo/Khaba hybrid – 50mm plating on Grozo with Grozo guns except it does have Khaba consumables.

  11. Велимир Бояджиев

    another proof that damage is NOT everything. Farming BBs is something Khaba can do and we all know it but still ignoring enemy DDs will give you same result over and over again – lost is a lost.

  12. Hardly shot at the dds when he had the chance. Just another damage farmer. Ptfo

  13. A textbook of how not to play this game. Sacrificed EVERYTHING for damage farming … I love the Khabarovsk to bits, but this is not how to play it … indeed how to play ANY ship in this game maybe except CVs.

    Can you please STOP promoting such bad gameplay ?

  14. You ignored everything except the BB, you helped your team lose this game.

  15. Farm bb’s and get damage, who can’t dodge bb shells in a dd…but he abandoned his team, bad gameplay. Damage stats don’t mean a thing if you don’t win.

  16. Its a lost Game. Why do we have to See How to lose?

  17. I had a good Khabarovsk game, i admit they really need to ignore you or you should reach a flank before pulling off such a move. It’s very situational and most of the time you get spotted from outer space and hence focused down

  18. Adjustable panels is no long on modstation >.< there are 5 different ones

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