Khabarovsk – Review – T10 Coal Destroyer | World of Warships

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The Khabarovsk is now a Coal Tier 10 Russian DD (it used to be tech tree before Update 0.11.1). It is a gun boat destroyer. It has 8 130mm guns. It also has 10 torps with 6km range which are very slow.

Do I recommend the Khabarovsk? Yes, if you do enjoy the open water gunboat play-style. No, if you don’t like to play destroyers, especially gunboats, with good top speed, but really slow rudder shift.

Ship: 240,000 Coal
Unique Upgrade: 19,200 Research Points (Highly Recommended)

I do play this match when I record the video, giving you live commentary and thoughts whilst playing the ship. This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment or a like. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 Introduction
00:54 Build
03:05 Game 1
15:01 Score 1
16:05 Game 2
29:45 Score 2
30:31 Build
31:15 Unique Upgrade
33:10 Statistics
34:00 Russian DD Comparison
37:05 Conclusion and Summary


  1. I wish there was a way to make the khaba concealment as high as the henri lighthouse build.

  2. One small thing to note about the Khaba torps is that they have the shortest reaction time of pretty much any torpedo in the game at just under 5 seconds. So if you somehow get an accurate torp salvo off they’re pretty hard to avoid.

  3. Quite sad to see the Khabarovsk be gone being widely aviable to now go for coal, it was not the most meta ship, but i think the replacement is not as well as moskva/nevsky, where you can see an actual change in playstyle/feeling. But i loved to see a video on the OG “Kite and be Annoying” DD. Keep it up.

  4. Would love to see a Grozo vid with its legendary mod! Awesome work as always dude, thank you

    • Recorded and ready, uploading tomorrow on the 17th, I’m really happy on how it turned out, it’s part of the How I Play series, like Kleber, really excited for you guys to see it!

    • @MalteseKnight Your gold mate. Looking forward to it. I’d been thinking of RB for another UU (I got the Kharba unique upgrade) and am looking hard at the Grozo upgrade. Cheers man o7

    • @MalteseKnight looking forward to it. Actually bought the leg mod for it after watching your Delny vid.

  5. Your whole meme personality/gampelay makes you my favorite CC.

  6. As you say in the video, the sad aspect of Khaba is that it’s the only ship where you basically *have to* spend 20k RB points for the UU to make it playable. Ship really really need a little bit of love from the balance department.

  7. Whenever I see Khaba, I get reminded of an extremely old video I saw when I was starting this game. It was a CC complaining that there’s no reason to play any cruiser, especially French ones, when Khaba exists. How the turntables…

    I think giving Khaba Tashkent range would make the ship much more comfortable. She was powercrept and needed some adjustments (and perhaps a replacement) for sure, but Delny doesn’t fix anything. It’s like WG completely forgot why they wanted to replace Khaba in the first place.

    Anyway I can finally use Kuznetsov on Khaba without retraining so big fan!

  8. mechanical engineer

    Do you know when will gk and khaba been changed to coal ships for the EU server?

  9. Nicely done 🙂
    Also, Preussen video when ?
    And we need that Range Mod GK game as highlight 😀

  10. Once again we’re blessed with quality content. Love the video and the ship. Big Fan!

  11. NuclearPoweredGoose

    I really like how you narrate what you’re about to do as you do it, very good learning material for the average Joe like me.

  12. Ruben van der Vliet

    Thanks for showing regular games man, this gives me a sense of how I will perform in this. Playing a ship after watching a 1% incredible game from a super unicum is usually such a deception. Already had the Tashkent, glad I spent the FXP to unluck the Khaba, not going to buy it, waiting to get it. Big fan btw!

    P.S. I watched a Flamu game where you landed torps with a Shima. Say ‘big fan’ if you have been kidnapped and someone is using your account. I’ll call the police.

  13. I think Khaba is most fun ship to play. You just say “I am Speed” and start blasting. Unlike french armaments, russian railguns are accurate and easy to hit targets and heal makes it much more forgivable to mistakes. Seriously I am so disappointed with French DDs.

  14. Khaba being replaced by a sidegraded Taskhent. Now WEGE can finally say that Zorkiy is really a super ship and not a sidegraded Khaba.
    WEGEE has some explaining TO DO fan BTW!

  15. I really enjoy this format of live gameplay. Really good idea with this.
    Thanks for the vid and see you in the next one.

  16. Everything I’ve read about the ship is that is basically a liability without that legendary upgrade so I think this ship will just become a port queen/co-op runner/snowflake earner for me. Too many other good ships to be playing to waste much time on this, but I am glad I spent free XP to get her (from the Kiev) and just reset the line for RB points when I decide to go up it again.

  17. Looking forward for Grozovoi review. Sometimes is better to show average game, because most people don’t get everytime great game with record high result and average games are very often.

  18. Solid review, although I prefer to play the Khabster with AFT only, cowboy style with double rudder. The 13.5km range doesn’t bother me that much, although it could be better just by km.
    Khaba is an awesome ship in skilled hands and a piece of junk when played by potatoes.

  19. Very cool ship but ought to get some buffs. And nerfing of French DD that mega powercreep a lot of DD gunboats. Excited to play Khaba again now that I get to put Kuznetzov on it without paying to retrain!

  20. I find your advocation for the legendary mod interesting. I haven’t played my Khaba much yet, but so far I’m averaging 108K in it. I don’t have the legendary and play with the rudder mod. The loss of rudder shift will hurt, but it won’t be the end of the world with the extra range and more dakka is welcome

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