Khabarovsk Russian DD Destruction: World of Warships Replay

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Collin_Mats in the tier 10 Russian DD picking on some Battleships.

Enjoy the Destruction.

How to enable replays

Replays can now be enabled with Aslains Modpack

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. WindmillStalker

    5:40 instructions unclear, made out like a baby, got arrested, am in jail.
    Send help.

  2. he really needs to use more of those stalium AP shells

  3. great video wasting….surprised there was no witherer from this game…oh

  4. Dude, stick with it. I was very inconsistent in the Tashkent for all the
    reasons we all know, but holy crap, Udaloi is soooo much fun and Kabob,
    well, it’s really something else. Definitely worth the grind.

  5. Wrong ammo type in some situations, AP in the superstructure of a broadside
    BB is devastating.

  6. According to Wargaming the Khabarovsk was designed to be a flotilla leader.
    And that explains why she has such extreme firepower.
    Flotilla leaders are specially equipped ships to act as command ship for a
    flotilla of destroyers.
    Because of their role as command ships they need more accommodation and
    fire power for defense.
    Navies like Japan used small cruisers in that role.
    Khabarovsk is either out of place in the destroyer line OR not Gearing but
    Atlanta should be Tier X in the American destroyer line.
    Atlanta was also designed as a flotilla leader before they adapted her as
    AA cruiser.

    I should see the German destroyer Z32, the Italian Capitani Romani and the
    French Mogador as Tier X destroyers because those were also flotilla leader
    destroyers. Those rival or surpass the Khabarovsk in gun power.

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