Khabba still a THING ? || World of Warships

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  1. In that game have UP41 Italian ship?

  2. good super…..

  3. Still better than pant-asian ship

  4. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Satan’s tricks

  5. Nicccceeeeee

  6. Here is the proposal: we move Khaba to cruiser class ships without torpedoes (cause it doesn’t f**ken need them))) and Moskva to battleship class. In that case it will be more logic)))

  7. Why woudnt it be, its “nerf” just makes you switch off the stealth module, which you didnt need anyways and you are back to the old Khaba ;p

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    4 Salvos and already has 2 fires……Vodka infused HE best HE

  9. Khaba is the size of a Minotaur, with about equal firepower, can fire HE, significantly faster and amusingly, more tanky thanks to lack of citadel.
    Is it still a thing? Better question would be when when was it not?

    • Trades46 please stop comparing the Minotaur to a destroyer. It also has significantly more firepower.

    • Jordan Crosara only slightly. The problem is Minotaur DPS drops off greatly if target is angled, something that does not apply to the Khabarovsk high fire chance HE rounds.

      Khabarovsk may be classed as a destroyer but it is much more akin to a light cruiser in terms of size & firepower. The comparison is very valid; you have to be blind or delusional to say otherwise.

  10. OP still. Can’t hit agile thing at range while Khaba ridiculous high fire chance and firing rate burns all in front of her. Between Khaba and Minotaur, I claim firing rates make them OP. Maybe Des Moines too.

  11. I’m currently on the Kiev, and I will say that is the most fun I’ve had in a ship. Very fast so easy to dodge incoming fire, 14.7km range (iirc), and fast firing guns that have a great shell velocity. The only thing I could ask for on the Kiev would be the heal.

  12. firestarter only if RNG kick in…..always RNG….forever RNG…..RNG everywhere….RNG……

  13. thanks for the video panzer boy.
    could you show the rudder position on the screen in future video? thanks a lot.
    and happy new year.

  14. Khaba OP, please nurf 😀

  15. Ok now i know how the game is in FULL ULTRA x)

  16. A Khaba is a cruiser, where the AA may be a bit substandard, but else?

  17. I’m not going to argue with this kind of success, but I gotta ask, a DD using AP on a BB? I love that he lights them up before he switches to AP, but does that have any effect on BB armor? Obviously no cits. No one else is questioning this so, I guess I’m about to get citadeled right here.

  18. Thanks for the Khabob video, been a while. Merry Christmas.

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