Kidd Destroyer | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay review of the Kidd, the tier 6 premium US Destroyer in World of Warships WoWs Legends.


  1. Good game. Top destroyer in the game, no doubt. Gurren wouldn’t work for me Cuz burke increases fire chance to 7.5 on top of the massive accuracy boost.. I run he like 99% of the time.

  2. Some kidds just can’t be reached. Lol. Gg

  3. I like USN destroyers very much. So far, I have reached the Farragut.

  4. I take different routes into caps with USN DD’s because my first goal is to bounce the red DD. I want to come in from an unusual angle. I use Track n Trace and spam torps before detection in the direction I think they will run away, then advance to contact.
    Nice kraken. gg.

  5. I really want the Kidd but it’s $50 worth of doubloons to get her 🙁

  6. On a fixed income, so it’s hard to justify spending on a game…but the Kidd’s is the one that I covet the most. They are such a pain to kill, so they must be fun to play lol.
    Good game tbull…

  7. GG…Kidd is n my list, but so are many others…?

    One day…

  8. Great game! Wanted the Kidd for a long time. Finally got it in a super Santa crate, and man do I love it!

  9. I got mine also with Halsey with Bey and Sims with the Leviathan perk for a tanky build and in a 1v1 the enemy doesn’t stand a chance against my Kidd unless a lucky torp cuts me in half but don’t forget that it got a heal and with Twist and Track it helps me find the enemy DDs easily as for the torp launcher its only for emergencies but the enemy DDs are the main priority with probably most of the American Destroyers with Halsey and Twist &Track. Works for me a lot.

  10. Kidd is my favorite dd because I hunt down dds like the trash they are lmao…i play pirate style.

  11. Awesome Content as always. I wish more players would pay attention to these instructional vids.

  12. All I got for Xmas is visited by three ghosts at midnight. I wonder if I can do a go fund me page for this game haha.

  13. I use dewey on my kidd love how much money it makes

  14. Tanner Timothy Phelps

    Great game and video!

  15. Like always. Gg. Check your PlayStation inbox.

  16. Awesome gameplay, Tbull ! Thanks for sharing it !

  17. Dude this whole time I never really gave battleships a chance. Only for the missions. Well I got to the Colorado and watched your videos there and you’re dead on. I dont think people take this ship seriously enough ’cause I’m getting crits like crazy. So much so that it’s worth going only 18kn. Thanks for the videos man you’re killing it.

  18. Keep meaning to pick up the kidd sometime, great video as always

  19. Good showcase of the Kidd’s strengths indeed. Really want to get this DD but SS crates are too unreliable and 15k is steep unless its on a markdown sale. Will see. Good game!

    • @Tbull and guess what? Get home, startup Legends, get the JP commander and 3 SS crates on special and out comes the Kidd from the second crate. XD

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