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  1. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    *Kidd pointing guns at planes* You get shot down, and you get shot down,and you get shot down!

  2. I’m going to kill myself because of this Exeter mission

  3. And when i play my AA build Kidd, i never run into CVs ! I hate Murphys law.

  4. A DD player completely ignoring the objectives, only for the hunt on the enemy cv’s.
    Encountering an implacable (british cv) he shatters ~ 90% of the he shells fired at him due to his armored deck (and he gotta know, he was in division with one), yet he never even tries to put ap into the mix. Not even when the distance was bigger and the shells came from directly above.
    He suffered from tunnel visioning to the extreme.

    Impressive results in terms of plane kills.
    But not a good play by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Exact. Got only 67 Planekills in my Kidd – but 2 caps and 2 kills and some spotting^^ So both is possible.

    • Yes he won this by accident in fact. Didn’t contribute much after killing the Bayern . Ofc enemy went fully lemming and he didn’t face anyone but still he could go back to stop the lemming train. But nah, he went to kill cv and planes as AA platform .

    • +SebaX Well …
      Technically one could argue he occupied the carriers and prevented their combat use.
      But he ignored any and all other objectives in doing so. And there is no proof the carriers would have had a meaningful impact on his team.
      As far as I could see both carriers got one kill combined. On a DD charging them in a straight line.

    • yes he had mistakes and tunnel vision. But shoot DD AP at an armored deck even from bigger distances still results in autobounce. He had only HE as a chance to do more consistent dmg and causing fires. The next problem is: You can only damage the superstructure, which is in comparison to other ships tiny on CV. Every other part of the ship will shatter HE or autobounce AP
      But he couldve utilized is smokes years ago xD

    • Wanted to comment the same thing. Plane kills sure but a big horrible missplay. If he was saying ‘how could we lose’ after this match, i wouldnt find any words to describe that missplay except for stupid. Just stupid

  5. is this world of warplanes ?

  6. Is weird how a kidd can kill more planes even than a gearing. Extra couple boffors can make a big difference?

  7. I got 27 in my Fletcher a few days ago against 1 CV

  8. guys stop hating the player that much =) we can all learn from the replays and so can he ^^

  9. I just wonder what is going on with the airplane kill achievements or with lack of those after the CV rework? Anyone has an answer, please enlighten me.

  10. I blame WG for making a mission that requires shooting down aircraft to complete it for this…not the skipper of the DD.

  11. believe Kidd-player is toying with ways to attack 2 carriers (as a good DD should) while sharpening defense – thoroughly enjoyed the sorting and multitasking
    after reading the hating came up with:
    arguably had his hands full. one can argue suicide mission but I’m not seeing many DD players willing to sort out this 2 carrier advantage much. even the haters should be able to say a player like this ties up carrier sorties while spotting and making them move.
    I don’t see whats to hate here

    • Me neither. This single dd kept 2 CV busy. Additionally he contested and defended cap A, from that point on he had almost non-stop planes attacking. He could have switched to AP but getting fires going is also very potent!

  12. Deplaning should be brought back. Carriers should be punished for repeated wasted attack against certain ships

    • Implacable can be deplaned much faster than you can imagine. There were 2cvs. Plus they don’t have the amount of planes on deck like it was on RTS. only one cv is like that. Kaga. Saipan has 33 planes on deck having 2 min reload of each. In the past he had 47 on deck. Enterprise also had 96 and now only 50 on deck. Imagine on RTS 2 cv? One Lex could delete cruiser / BB one shot if he knew what he was doing, imagine Lex with Enterprise on RTS in one team? In 5 min BBs would be visiting the bottom of the sea.

    • It would be nice to see RTS back , no burst clouds, torps that do 8-9 k dmg not 4-6 k, dev strikes of Kaga and Enterprise, ruining the life of other CV in Saipan and crossdroping DDs. Man. And I say cloud bursts made some DDs like Z52 untouchable, Republique is also killing too much planes than in the past. Kurfurst was a one click , zao, Moskva, Stalingrad by Midway AP bombs….oh great times , so much salt.

    • sure why not i mean getting past assholes with op AAS isn’t enough and the CV have no dps now lets take more away from them . let give them 6 planes and give the dd 200 more AAS that should balance it out.Fucking Retard

  13. Seriously no screenshots , what happened to your rule: No screenshots, NO replay shown. Russian Bias is starting to show.

  14. Good show!

  15. Really Exciting game!
    Good Job!

  16. How good is kidd aa compared to gearing and grozovoi aa?


    Прежде чем звать людей на русскоязычном форуме, надо перевести все на русский с басурманского!

  18. now manual aa isn’t useful anymore. wil they remove this captain skill soon ?

  19. This Kidd player is a complete potato lmao

  20. spectre977 Gaming

    I love to see Kidd drivers shoot up planes! GG dude!

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