Kidd the Fly Swatter! 82 Planes Down F U Rework || World of Warships

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  1. I thought aa was weak

  2. Yet my des moine cant even shoot down more than 10

  3. no skill but tons of luck =) gg

  4. cv rework???
    I think is good in my personal.
    But change this one wargaming. The balance.
    In my opinion, CV’s match tier is must on +,-1 tier. not +,-2 tier like this time.
    6 tier CV never attack 8 tier ship.
    So, I give up play as a CV. (I don’t have 10 tier CV.)

    • They have announced some balance changes coming in a hotfix on the Dev Blog

    • +Allan Patterson yes. that’s right.
      anyway, they said It’s not balancing on 0.8.0…..

    • It’s another thing.
      I’m not CV gamer.
      So I expect this CV rework.
      because I can enjoy the plane.

      But The result??? What the ….
      balance….. plz.
      I know the balancing is very difficult.
      I know It’s not balancing in 0.8.0 yet.
      but this is too heavy.

      In one round, CV’s plane is paper…
      in another round, CV’s plane is god…

      I don’t play like this.

    • This update is so bad for destroyers. Unless they are a destroyer with exceptional as like the kidd, then they are useless because of how fast the planes are now. It takes carriers so little time to find and permanent spot you. Rip to my shimakaze.

    • But Shima not specialize in AA. That why Japan destroyers divide to 2 type. Play Aki, Kita and Haru, you will satisfy in CV match.

  5. El legado de Rommel 2018

    How are antiaircraft used in this way?

  6. Reading the title, I can easily assume your emotions of 8.0, no?

  7. AA is very rng first of all, one battle in my montana half aa spec 6 planes, 2nd battle 41

  8. So there is hope for DD’s. Just buy the right one. Only problem will be the captain. Max 10. Nice game.

  9. poor tier 6 planes

  10. T8 AA DD Kill much T6 Planes… wow…

  11. 13:56 lol

  12. The Kidd, the one ship that seems to be immune to WG mistakes.


  13. What’s the build?

  14. Is it just me or does the AA sounds like a song?

  15. i sold this ship for credits i was so dumb can i try get it back?

  16. That was satisfying and all but now let’s see it against T10 planes.

    • It’s not pretty from the Kidd’s perspective. Even T8 planes are much harder to shoot down.

      I was surprised that he didn’t seem to use the “sector” switching at all. Replay bug?

  17. I’m calling BS the enemy team is blind. How can a KIdd shoot in open get spotted by planes and no one shoots at him.

  18. U.S.S. Kidd the spear of the Navy. and balm for the wounds of the poor DD captains who have to suffer from Update 8.0. I love it. U.S.S. Sims is also good at air defense

  19. 5:00 Where does that sound of a shot come from? Bug since rework patch? Getting that aswell during matches

  20. @5:05 I had that same sound bug yesterday. Driving around in my dd (Gearing) but I was getting the sounds from a friendly bb’s guns…and I did the same thing, looked around for the ship that was really close to me—nope, closest ship over 11km behind me, but I could hear his guns!

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