Kii Tier 8 Premium World of Warships IJN Battleship

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Here is a of the , a . She’s got torps and is very similar to the . Right now during testing her reload is 35 seconds, however its being dropped to 31 which makes her a near match for the . In addition, her range is getting a buff.


  1. i agree its nice to have some meee because with the brit bb out we need a break. lets have some cruiser stuff

  2. NoZoupforYou hey i’m working on a Guadalcanal event in the training room you guys can join if you want.

  3. why do they keep adding high AA Ships?!! It’s hard enough for CVs as is

  4. WG could make Kii a copy of Amagi, and people would want to play it because IT IS PREMIUM! Duh.

  5. it is just another Roman Candle……..once it runs into a British BB……..unfortunately

  6. I kinda like the idea that they do not need to gimmick the hell out of it and add a bunch of different consumables to make a decent BB. You know the key to any ship is, “Can it be competitive vs. the ships it will see in MM?” I think this ship would be fun to lay and be able to hold its own when played to its strengths.

  7. Why Zoup WHY that was a crappy match in my Amagi. :/ And I thought you tagged me for the cits. I just cant figure that Amagi out. I couldnt figure out what the team was doing. I did not intend to call you out, just wanted to say hi :/ . At least I know now why I killed you, I didnt think I would.

  8. I like the Mutsu, I like the Amagi.

    I had made up my mind that as it was (35 s reload, slow turrets ect. ect.) I would not buy it. But with the changes it looks like I will.

    Thanks for the video!

  9. Uh, Zoup. It is getting a turret rotation speed buff not Nerf. Its rotation speed is increasing by .7 degrees a second.

  10. 6:10 Why didn’t you ram that Bismarck?

    Also, RIP any chances of a Japanese BB line split.

  11. The Kii is more fragile to 15″ and up ap shells, the turtleback and citadel roof are much more vulnerable to the shells than the Amagi is.

  12. just found your channel. Really like yr war ship info. Will subscribe and go back to view yr previous vids. Thanks.

  13. zoup take a look at the amagi amour its made for the brawling you keep her mid to long range you get murdered maybe its the same with the kii

  14. In fact kii has a better armored belt than amagi but a worst protection against torps and like amagi her tankiness is all about angling.
    Oh and her aa is op

  15. Bruh. Like the Amagi, she’s very much anything but average. You should really check out the ingame armour viewer. Her citadel has less armour so its easier to citadel, but she’s gonna be one mean brawler because once you get to <12Km then the shell trajectories start becoming too flat to reliably hit the citadel. Once you're in that range then the belt armour is fantastic.

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