Kii’s to Success! (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Love your vids Spartan, HUGE Fan

  2. Once I was playing the Richelieu (was too late for the Jean Bart :() and saw the Kii when it first came out and said wtf is that thing lol

  3. Hey Spartan, what’s your favorite battleship other than the Iowa

  4. Hey spartan im buying another premium battleship abd which one would you recommend

  5. Kii make me think bad after I spent 50 dollars to try and get and nothing I hate to even think about it but I enjoy watching other people enjoy it while I sit and watch 😑

    • Down South Armory

      @Spartan Elite43 I didn’t release she was that rare. Now I feel bad bought one crate and there she was. I personally have only played a hand full of games in the Kii. Seems like a good ship just a little hard to play.

    • @Down South Armory she’s pretty much Amagi bit with Torps

    • Down South Armory

      @KMS Bismarck only tech tree VII BBs i have are Iowa and Bismark. Gave up on IJN BBs at Fuso and almost have the Vanguard

    • @Down South Armory I’ve played a little bit of Amagi she’s more of a sniper, than a brawler, I prefer Brawlers over snipers since I like to get up close and personal with other BBs and Pocket BBs

    • @Spartan Elite43 120 creates no Kii, but did get 3 ships in the 1st 20 & then pretty much lucked out lol 😂

  6. Also Tirpitz + Amagi = Kii

  7. Fukushima daiichi disaster

  8. The power plant was fukushima daiichi

  9. Trivia answer: Fukushima

  10. love your vids always watching while playing wows

  11. I’m pretty sure the plant was called Fukushima.

  12. The day tsunami hit. I turned 10 the day before. I remember watching it on the news .

  13. Lul i was the last cleveland here. The Odin duo just didn’t want to separate and couldn’t burn them before your flank came to help sadly.

    • Nice gotta love that torp running out there though!

    • I love the Cheveland but hate it in the same time. I was doing the legendary premium challenges and I was shot by a division of three at the same damn time.

    • Panicked about the torp at the last second since i thought it wouldn’t reach me, it was for the Bismarck.
      I am neutral on cleveland atm, this was i believe my third game on it. I just want to upgrade it, prefer my german BBs.

  14. Who else thought their controller batteries were low 😂

  15. YES A ANOTHER KII vid love it

  16. The Fukushima nuclear power station back in 2011

  17. The enemy Wichita got a nice gametag there, Clevebro

  18. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    No not the kii whether a teammate or enemie it always harrasse me

    “I’ll smash you to pieces!” Suruga, Azur Lane

  19. hi Spartan, sometimes you are ironic – “don’t try to win harder” – and what is doing Spartan? He tries to win harder

  20. Hey Spartan, huge fan! What’s your thoughts on the the steel price of they mighty mo? Is the cost even obtainable? Lol I don’t have 5 years to earn it. Lol

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