King George V – Heartbreak || World of Warships

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Sock5 VII George V
Going down swinging.
In this match we find ourselves doing all we can to keep match going but in end it proves to be just a bit too much.

Along the way, we earn:
-High Caliber
-Close Quarters Expert
-More XP on the loss than the Reds.

…Silly torpedoes.

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  1. Сергей Жуков

    On this ship it is better to shoot high-explosive shells, and not armor-piercing shells

  2. gneseinau still the best tier 7

  3. Dat team of potatoes…

  4. “Sock” King George V 😀 ?

  5. I love when a BB pushes his flank

  6. he is broken. either you have high fire chance or high alpha damage – but not both

  7. dont sail less than 6 km from gneisenau – lesson learned, nothing heartbreaking here

  8. wow, the rest of his team really didn’t want to win did they?

  9. When will we get a Conqueror game with 457’s? I just want to see the AP performance and the HE.

  10. Um i need to ask you something after i get yamato im going down brit bb’s should i skip king george and go to monarch or no?

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