KING OF OP – THE FINAL BOSS – World of Warships

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Could THIS be the most OP ship in the game?

I mean most of these ships don’t require much of a brain to play them.

They’re super easy to play, get insane results, and make lives of your opponents a living nightmare.

Enjoy and have fun watching world get burnt to the ground 😉

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  1. Bossmusik starts playing

  2. Anyone that has experienced turbulence in a airliner, will recoqnise that there is reason for small aircraft, like divebombers and torpedobombers to NOT fly in a thunderstorm.

  3. The CCs/ Youtubers/Twitch should make a training battle with 1 team consisting of Thunderer, Conqueror, FDR, Austin, Smolensk, Smaland and other Balans ships and the Other team consisting of all the normal ships like Yamato, Montana, Audacious, Gearing and so on, and see which side will win and how one sided the win is.

    • @Apothecary Terry Isn’t it because if you get a team of potatoes you’ll lose anyway? So winrate of the specific ship wouldn’t mean that much anyway.
      And that’s kind of a problem. The devs try to make balance using only the spreadsheet.

    • @MyGraveDancer That’s why the sample size matters- across a million games, potato teams balance out to the point of irrelevance (chance of a significant variance for/against you after a million battles is close enough to 0 to ignore). If a ship is OP then over enough games it will have an impact on the team and generally increase the WR overall. For Kleber to get 52.65% across all players after nearly 500k games means it’s definitely OP.

      For determining the effectiveness of an individual ship, WR is actually a decent tool. Where it falls down, especially in the case of CVs, is that it doesn’t show the impact of a class on everyone else in the game. Since classes are always balanced across teams, WR will always be 50%, which doesn’t show that fun for the other 10/11 players on each team dropped to about 0%.

    • @SpartiuS94 Even if skill could be perfectly balanced (for example by swapping the ships between teams), you’d need them to play a huge number of matches for the result to be of any statistical significance.

    • @Apothecary Terry That’s not necessarily true. If the nature of the games is one sided (the games themselves aren’t even remotely close) and the total number of games is favoring one side, then you probably could make conclusions based on small number of games (say 10-20).

    • @Apothecary Terry that’s not what statistics mean, or how to interpret them. It could very well be that Thunderer is the best BB in the game and everybody knows it. So, you have a huge wave of 40% WR players using the ship as a crutch to get them to 48%, which makes it massively OP in raising a players WR by 8%. This is why you can’t balance based on a spreadsheet that’s missing variables.

  4. Ρικος Σταυρίδης

    Should we make this week a yearly thing where we only play the most OP ship/flying devils? I think it’s a good idea! 😉

    • Ρικος Σταυρίδης

      @Pepega Ch. no you mad lad …. it will be a week in the year … I need a clean consciousness!

    • Ρικος Σταυρίδης

      @Runeman40055 no man petro is not overpowered …. Petropavlosk is the power ! It was forged by Marx and Lenin in the secret Sibirian base and the shells are blessed by Stalin himself ! Some even say that the corpse of Hitler is within the ship and that’s the reason behind Petro’s undying nature ! The gunners are constantly drinking the godliest Vodka which gives them autolocking on citadelts capabilities !

    • Ρικος Σταυρίδης

      @Runeman40055 it is just cursed

  5. Thunderer’s opponents: it’s only a colour, but it burns!

  6. WG to that Yamato player

    You’ve been


  7. Flambino to Yama: Better call an ambulance…. but not for me!

  8. Me: – How many fires can you lit in one battle?
    Thunderer: – All of ’em!

  9. B-17G Flying Fortress

    Community: It’s Balans if it’s not Russian )))))

  10. It seems WG has taken that one line from The Incredibles a bit too seriously. The one where Syndrome wants to get rid of superheros by giving everyone tech-based superpowers.

  11. I now understand the Jingles vid from a few days ago where Yuro was using the name “ThunderersAreAssCancer” or something close to that anyway.

  12. If Flambass wants realistic naval battles, he has to play Ultimate Admiral Dreadnaught.

  13. 13:00 WG watched the incredibles too many times as kids lmao, “if everyone is super, no one will be”

  14. Thunderer be like: “I am the god of hellfire!” (Arthur Brown Music starts)

  15. Can we just take a minute to admire some dude ACTUALLY GOT THE PEURTO RICO! like bruh

  16. The funny thing is that yamato gave you the almost-sympathetic ‘ouch’ before hellfire returned its thanks…

  17. Peter Baelish once said “chaos is a ladder.” And followed it by “and OP ships in World of Warships are a space ship”

  18. “I’ve an idea for a new OP ship!”
    “Is it Russian?”
    “Is it a CV?”
    “Not interested,”
    “Wait! – hear this – It strips ALL AA from any ship in one salvo!”
    “You son of a gun P R O M O T E D”

  19. @A Smith The Thunderer is the same as the Conqueror with 8 18inch guns including fire chance but everyone ignored if for months after it came out sticking to the 12 16.5inch gun version. Then someone said hey look at this HE only game then suddenly all 18inch Conqueror’s which is then removed to be a special currency ship (shocker there).

  20. @SpartiuS94 in all of his commentaries about Thunderer a year ago, he never even used the term broken or OP while in his Smolensk review. Kek

  21. @SpartiuS94 and do you think Smolensk is stronger than Thunderer?

  22. @A Smith 4? try 8.

    The worst combinations i have been are..
    3 smolenks, 4 shimas, 8 thunderers.

    In groups they are ridicoulous.

  23. @Clemens P Didnt it had mediocre reload and accuracy and once they were improved.. it hit harder than Yamato by a long marging? plus improved AA and Secondaries?

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