King of the Sea Trailer

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Get hyped for the -run between and servers!

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  1. 0:06 Atlantic spelled wrong, rip.

  2. Isn’t Jan 10th passed already?

  3. 10th Tan passed right?

  4. Atalantic, huh? Not familiar with that ocean.

  5. This trailer is a big meme

  6. 0:05 clearly my recent video have been acknowledged as a legitimate strat ))))

  7. 10 days to late?

  8. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Battle for the ATAlantic bois… ATAlantic… Plus its the 20th of Jan today… So wtf???

  9. Is atalantic a new ocean?

  10. Spelt ‘Atlantic’ wrong

  11. They are getting desperate now. Wowp is pretty much dead and wows is going to suffer the same fate then eventually world of tanks sadly.

  12. So hype that my team will be in the match

  13. I’m annoyed at the time its set for… 3pm? Why… 8PM was all the clan battle starting times.. so why change it up now.. wtf. Also.. T9 would be nice here n there.. not everything has to be 10s dam it..

  14. Atlantic is spelt wrong and a little late with the video


  16. Is the atalantic ocean full of Atlantas?

  17. i always write atalantic too 😀

  18. Marcus Berggren Ankartjärn


  19. Have you got any plans to bring world of warships to xbox?

  20. From MurdockATeam1 on NA servers….. are you freaking serious the first Super container I get in over a year and you give me 50 flags…. FLAGS!!!! WTF!! I was invited into the Beta Testing and this is what I get

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