King of The Sea VI: International Grand Finals [World of Warships]

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The International Grand Finals will be broadcast live from Saint Petersburg, the heart of of Warships development.

Tune in to watch our hosts MrConway and Crysantos analyse the battles, together with our guests of honour Izolate, Flamu, and the Mighty Jingles!

If it is the time for you to see this game, you can join here:

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  1. what the hell is with that music?

  2. Commander Shepard

    Start: 15:52 ?

  3. Elmer Keberlein

    Music is way too loud

  4. 1st battle at 32:20

  5. That Grozovoi at 2:45:13

  6. Why congratulation writtings next to the vid whhyyyyyyyyyy i dont like spoilers?

  7. Radar just sucks….through two islands nice reality is different…same with planes getring hitted through mountains and an other thing getting spotted by planes through the mountains…. little bit more logic would be nice

  8. Inventing COAL and STEEL as a resource… we have SO MUCH OIL saved up, what will we be able to do with that?

  9. We want to be able to have MUCH LARGER Clans and create our OWN sub-chapter clans (TWFT, TWFT2, TWFT3, etc…) instead of forcing us to create 4 separate clans. Requiring clan leaders to have multiple accounts.

  10. Go BACKWARD in time too, go back to sailed ships… “World of Warships: SAILs” or “World of Warships: STEAM”

  11. Probably the worst video put out by WoWS. Let Jingles speak, the rest of them are just babbling on like there is something interesting going on. Jingles at least brings humor to this mess.

  12. What’s up with the constant video breaks and jumps???

  13. Johnny der Achte

    It’s my first time watching a life stream from wargaming. While the games were pretty interesting I did not enjoy watching it very much. I think there is need for improvement:
    1. Please give one colour to every team and than keep it that way. This changing from red to green is confusing. 2. Can we have a mechanism that will make it possible to see if ships or torps are acutally spotted? 3. This zooming in on ongoing fights is OK, but we need a bigger map to get the big picture during fast changing situations.
    The client like it is is good for playing, but you need to do some things different if you want people to enjoy watching it.

  14. #pilowsforjingles

  15. Someone forgot to turn off their music. Such amateurs.

  16. Could not hear shit over the music… pretty annoying

  17. Sorry, dislike for loud music…

  18. How F%($(% annoying is that music. FFS, whoever thought that it would be mood setting is out of their mind. Someone at Wargaming, please show them the door and make sure they never have a hand in another tournament ever again.

  19. Need filler? Turn to Jingles!

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