King of The Sea VI: Semifinals and EU Final [World of Warships]

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The Semifinals and will be broadcast live from Saint Petersburg, the heart World of development.

Tune in to watch our hosts MrConway and Crysantos analyse the battles, together with our guests of honour Izolate, Flamu, and the Mighty Jingles!

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  1. Bad coverage, the constant swapping back n fore between teams, means you don’t know what side your looking at half the time ..

  2. An Iowa class Battleship

    8 hours long… who needs work, rest and play!

  3. not very good sound hard to hear jingles to much swapping

  4. I think they the camera should stay on one side or there should be a mode im which we can see both teams all the time, this is very confusing…
    but the rest great job??

  5. somehow the times is insuficient

  6. why conqueror, that each game did nothing and kurfürst….

  7. fernando guzman

    I love this game ..please welcome it to ps4 please

  8. good play from Rain, sadly ODEM did very unacurate shooting….maybe they had a bad day, wrong picks aswell

  9. i dont see chatt… why?

  10. Oh god, not Flamuu. Blatantly got something dodgy on his hdd.

  11. 20:48 game 1 cis semifinal
    49:00 game 2 cis semifinal
    1:11:40 game 3 cis semifinal

    1:54:48 game 1 eu semifinal
    2:21:25 game 2 eu semifinal

    3:52:35 game 1 cis final
    4:24:00 game 2 cis final
    4:56:40 game 3 cis final

    5:55:50 game 1 eu final
    6:21:20 game 2 eu final (restart)
    6:25:40 game 2 eu final
    7:02:10 game 3 eu final
    7:31:45 game 4 eu final (restart)
    7:34:30 game 4 eu final

  12. What are all those numbers in chat in the first game? The camera swapping is annoying too. Can’t believe a game like this doesn’t have a dedicated spectator mode

  13. I dont understand why wargamming refuses to add any sort of spectator mode for things like these

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