King Yamato is here || World of Warships

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  1. Oh this was early

  2. Love your channel man! Keep it up!

  3. Yamato’s AP shell is not just Armor Piercing. That is All Pirecing!

  4. Conscripted Alchemist

    If the Yamato is so good why isn’t there a *Yamato 2??*

    • WG had said they would not put any  guns in-game larger than 460mm. Yamato’s successor (A-150) was planned to have 51cm guns in 2×3 configuration, which would just lolpen everything, including itself.

    • 단두대
      I’m sure that the Kurfurst does not weigh more than 80,000 tons, because somewhere I heard that WG does not model ships weighing over 85,000 tons (those tons would translate into a ridiculously large health pool) and that more or more minus 115,000 HP ??? 110,000HP ???

    • Trades46
      Again the confusion, what WG said is that Yammy-San will have the largest guns of ALL the battleships, that is, if they make the A-150 Design an alternative helmet for Yammy-san with those 51cm guns it would still be the King of the Battleships

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      HP for BBs is calculted from:
      (full displacement in metric tons)*1.1812+10837

      So lets reverse the formula and work out the displacement (albeit its slightly more or else, considering tier 10 factors in and other balancing factors)
      105800 – 10837/1.1812 = 94963/1.1812 = 80395.36 tons – approximate

      However in Wikipedia as Kurfurst is H42 – it is worth 85000-90,000 tons and 99,000 tons in full load…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      I think the weight that Wikipedia says about the H-42 (85.000 tons)is because that BY FACT actually she carries a main battery of 8 cannons of 480 millimeters in 4 twin turrets, but instead WG was invented a triple turret that I’m sure is fictitious, because the Germans almost never liked the triple turrets believing they ruined the precicion at long distance (more than 20 kilometers)
      And what do you think about the 48-centimeter canyons? Would they also break the game ???
      And what do you think about the 450-millimeter cannon designed by the French in the 1920s? Would they also break the game ???

  5. Even for tier ten where there are a lot of idiots sailing BB’s that was the most amount of idiot BB’s on the enemy team that I think I’ve seen, literally hlaf the team just sailing broadside to a Yamato, for the whole damn game……..absolute potato enemy, what a dream for the Yamato

  6. 16:13 rip front turrent 🙁

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Like 250mm of armour on the right side of the turret inclined at 15 degrees – will protect anything agaisnt NC’s 406mm 45cal mk7s with at least 600mm of pen at 8km…

  7. YAAAAMAAAATOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo. . . . .

    The only battleship in the world with its own theme song.

  8. Not a really exciting replay but that is exactly the way to play Yamato.

  9. what is umalo?

  10. χρηστος βαλαβ

    GG for top tier ! ! ! but ! on 0:45 he fire full salvo to kutuzov , hit one over penetration and score 6364 DMG . . . how that happened? ? ? ?

  11. And this is what it takes to have good Yama game this days.
    A bunch of brainless battleship and cruiser players.
    Even so you can’t really citadel a lot of people as Yama is only BB on T 10 that can be citadled easy…
    Nice dessign WG….

  12. Textbook example of good BB gameplay. Where as team sat back and camped, he lead the charge, tanked like a boss, good situational awareness (and left low target HP for cruisers to pick off) and picking idiot broadside targets carefully.

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