Kirov battle 9 kills || World of Warships

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Player: _Doc_Holliday
Map: Fault Line

User Description:

After a three game losing streak I was getting angry somewhat desperate to get a win. I guess I let my anger get best me because as one player said in the forums, I went full berserker mode. Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Eat my children and call me your memelord

  2. Schöne Runde! Danke Pasch und Grüße von PZK2 :p

  3. That was insane. That guy just opened up a big ol can of whoop ass

  4. This just in: Kirov confirmed OP.

  5. Holy sheet, that`s some insane level of sealclubbing. Well played, well
    played indeed.

  6. Excellent, most excellent Hard Carry my friend.

  7. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a 9 kill game. Guess this guy got
    tired of losing lol

  8. And this children is what is called Seal Clubbing, haha. Still loads of fun

  9. Is there any graf spee replay

  10. low tier: kill 9 ships= 160k damage,
    High tier: damage 4 ships= 230k damage.

  11. sturmpanzerwagen ATV

    one day somebody will get 12 kills at this game, ONE DAY, it will happen

  12. Awesome gameplay! You have one new subscriber :)

  13. this guy had damage god with him

  14. *He is not using any stragedy, he is just recording his lucky moments of
    getting free kills and thats all, one ship getting destroyed at a time with
    no support, you saw what happened, seeing a real replay with earned kills
    and damage, would be like fighting non stop, dodging nonstop & using a good
    stragedy, this video was 0% of that.*

  15. Wow, NA server seems to be a fracking circus.

  16. This is the proof why there is no kill stealing in this game. You can see
    what an almost dead ship can still do your team!

  17. That 6 citadels volley on emerald was epic!

  18. nice

  19. seal clubbing and rng loves him.

  20. could have been 11 kills……but didnt snipe the dd

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