Kirov Carry – World of Warships

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Had fun recently in my , 8.0 needing to save the team from certain doom. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next !

Tier V Soviet Cruiser Kirov Replay – Warships Invite – Discord Server



  2. Say she”s a heavy cruiser……..Do it !

  3. Luis Felipe Gonçalves

    Excellent the bravest and the most faithful ship to the Motherland

  4. I can only imagine when ever he lands a hit there’s that one crew member on the ship that shouts “CYKA BYLAT”

  5. Hard to carry with that 7:31 incident

  6. i bought the kirov after CV rework went live and switched my 15 point ochevkin from fletcher over to it. was very impressed my first game (had 3 kills as bottom tier lol). wish reload was a tad faster, but overall a solid mid-tier cruiser

  7. Wow, seal clubbing in Tier 5. Must’ve been hard.

  8. Anyone else cringe when he said fo sho, where the hosho is…

  9. Once we where losing 3 to 7 but about to capture the base, then a CV appear and everyone leaves the base. I was hitting my head with the keyboard, I feel you bruh

  10. Love it when Notser goes “oh yeah” when he kills off an enemy ship!!

  11. The way you spell Gremyaschiy is priceless)) thought you spoke about some new Chinese ship, but it happens to be good old imbalanced friend))

  12. Let’s face it- even if it were today, and you had a top 1% CV player in those Langleys, they’d probably still do 45k damage and no more.

  13. Michael Murillo Boudewins

    a carry in These low Tier Cruisers is probably the hardest Thing to do, they dont have good concealment and they are made out of paper.
    great game Notser !

    • Except Furutaka. That ship carriers easily at its tier

    • Michael Murillo Boudewins

      yeah i do agree at some Point. Furutaka was so bad when it only has that hull with the single 203 and turrettraverse like forever.
      But after the new hull upgrade , aoba doesnt seem to be that much of an upgrade anymore ^^
      and the aoba isnt bad at Tier 6 !

  14. I remember when this ship was super busted. You had spotter plane and a dumb high amount of HE fire chance. Sit behind a island pop spotter plane and shoot BB’ s from 19km man that was fun. WG said your having fun well let me fix that for you….m

  15. “technically a light cruiser” i know i’m being a bit anal here, but per the london naval treaty any cruiser with guns over 155mm in caliber was considered a heavy cruiser, so. Kirov is actually a tier V heavy cruiser 😛

    • After the hole HMS Exeter is a “Light cruiser” thing, I kinda just gave up…
      Thanks god there’s somebody to do that.

    • +Fernando Marques both ships are really similar in size, although Kirov is really an Italian light cruiser design fitted with stronger guns and heavier armor. So both are definitely heavy cruisers. If we’re talking about WW1-WW2 period (and only then talking about heavy/light cruiser has any sense), the definition is clear: gun caliber (and consequently, capabilities for penetrating armor). Even 11-12000 ton ships like Brooklyn or pre-refit Mogami were light cruisers, despite even having broadside salvo weight larger than some heavy cruisers.

    • Luckily Russia wasn’t signatory to the London naval treaty so Notser can call them whatever he wants.

    • +Rick Szalay heh, it doesn’t matter who signed and who didn’t; There was a definition of the class, so if you write “heavy cruiser” you don’t mean that you can’t lift it. It helps when one knows what words mean, and uses them accordingly…

    • +Edi J whoosh

  16. A nail biting & fun game with a great entertainment value & outcome! Your aiming was spot on! Bizarre though, this habit of reluctance to slow down/stop before passing behind an island in order to do more damage. 16:08 You even called it out & attributed the action to “momentum” but Notser, you’re at a flank bell. It has nothing to do with momentum. You make it sound like your trapped in a caboose & slave to the engineer’s will up front. You’re in control. If you see that you’re losing your angles then golly gee, just make the adjustment, bro.

  17. P.S. I almost never see you parking nose-on into islands anymore. Kudos for that improvement to your game and efficiency in your ship movement.

  18. Kirov lolpen is so good that’s why

  19. Krasny Krym sounds so much like a donut flavor. Every time I see its name I get a bit hungry.

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