KIROV REPORTING!!! (World of Warships Epic Kirov Montage & Review)

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World of Warships Gameplay – KIROV REPORTING!!!

The New Russian Cruisers are:
Novik, Bogatyr, Svetlana, Kirov, Budyonny, Schors, Chapaev, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva…. Place your vote for the next one!

Thanks for watching!


  1. a like for the red alert tune and the commands one of my favourite games of
    all time

  2. furutaka!

  3. Thanks for the feels trip baron love it!

  4. thats not a Kirov, where are its SS-N-19 shipwreak or SAM missiles

  5. Love the C & C music at the start, may even dust off my copy of Red Alert 2
    & take it out for a thrash, Iconic game that one!!
    Great to see you back on WOW, reckon you’ll be struggling to use the
    TORPEEDUS with this one dude?

  6. Cyka OP swims in vodka

  7. Russian is Too OP

  8. The 51st Division

    One thumb up simply for the RA2, oh what glories…the second game that I
    played (the first being Dune) and the game that really brought me into RTS.

  9. Hell’s March 2, oh the fun times~

  10. GiraffeTheCrazy DeliriousPsycho


  11. did that guy say “enemy cruisers suck” at 11:20?

  12. oh wow! thank you this is epic!! way to stat my monday.

  13. Loved the Sound-Mash-Up ! 😀
    The good old times od RA2 :D

  14. can you play red alert 2 please
    i very love this game but is little old

  15. RED ALERT <3

  16. Nice one Baron, gonna like the Kirov me think’s…Can’t get into Russian
    destroyers don’t have the skills so this is nice….

  17. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    oh man red alert 2 damn that males me nostalgic

  18. I got waves of nostalgia when hell March started playing, red alert 2 was
    such a good game

  19. Sir, I would like to see you play with Svetlana. (..probably the dirtiest
    sentence I placed on youtube.. :p)


  21. Where’s the Royal Navy?

  22. Uss Iowa or Montana

  23. yeeeessss! red alert sounds like a boss. that did make that montage
    epic!! how good is hell march!!

  24. Daniel Carabott Damato

    how do the russians have radar and the allies dont? :/


  26. Almost 300k!!!

  27. baron does it again. for Motha fucking Russia!!!!! ;)

  28. Damn dat intro. Thnx for making my Monday morning good!

  29. why are you so pro russian?

  30. fucking epic red alert 2 music!

  31. play the königsberg it is good ship, vote for it.

  32. Moskva plz!

  33. Hey baron will you do another tirpiz giveaway

  34. Good old command and conquer love! I wish Westwood could of continued on
    the path that they were headed.

  35. Kurt Reyden Osuyos

    That hell march music….Good job

  36. You make me want to play red alert 2 again XD

  37. How do you zoom in shots?

  38. Kirov reportin

  39. I forgot how to watch the shells


  41. i was realy curious with the red alert thumbnail, then intruiged futrther
    with the start haveing red alert audio clips…..

  42. MeKanism Lastname

    Play the Furious Taco, the Furutaka

  43. Gettin me all nostalgic

  44. No video is bad when it has Frank Klepacki’s music in it.

  45. Thumbs up for the RA2 reference, Helium mix optimal!

  46. You know how it’s weird that nothing seems to be more epic than Red Alert’s
    OST played at full volume?

    You go years without hearing it and a vid like this reminds you that yet
    again, like Morgan Freeman or Christopher Walken – nothing else will carry
    more epic or swag than this track.

  47. Hold my vodka, *bear comes out of ground and opens like a fridge*.

  48. Wow this has got to be the best montage ever. Red Alert and Red Alert 2 for

  49. Omaha need to be buffed a bit, especially in maneuverability.

  50. Love it red alert 2 is one of my favorite games of all time

  51. furutaka!

  52. Well hello memories from teenage years :’)

  53. red alert 2 was the best strategy games ever especially with mental omega
    mod you need windows 7 for mental omega but red alert 3 was ok.

  54. i think they should put in ships with rockets on them

  55. ooohhhhhh yeeeaaaahh mennn

  56. I found you in a match earlier today Baron, even took pictures lmao, Love
    the works man!

  57. Red Alert intro theme for the win!

  58. What is the song?

  59. That hell March is amazing.

  60. Such memories

  61. omg I love this song I use to listen to it all the time

  62. How about some Kiev action? Pls Baron-chan!

  63. This makes me miss C&C so much :(((

  64. Baron you brought back memories of my childhood! Red alert hands down one
    of the best rts games of all time

  65. Anybody else here actually never really play most games he makes videos
    about? But I always still watch the content.. Love the videos!

  66. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Epic win with the vocals from Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Aaaahh the

  67. svetlana with red army choir music or moskva with ghengis khan – moskau
    higlight reel

  68. Command and Conquer Red Alert hype! Baron, you should do a Let’s play of
    C&C Red Alert on the channel.

  69. Haha I was actually born in Kirov Russia haha didn’t know there was a
    cruiser named after my birth town. Cool

  70. Due to listening to “Hell March” on the original Red Alert, I decided to
    become a communist.

  71. Aweeesooomee Red Alert 2



  73. Sup Baron! do u remember me in WoT Blitz? We’ve played together in a
    platoon and my name was SirStigma :D

  74. ??

  75. Damn, that was the coolest intro sequence yet.

  76. baron baron play red alert 2!!!!

  77. Cool game, I wish I had that game

  78. Lauren Beaty (TAZ)

    red alert 3

  79. These are sounds from command and conquer red alert 2 a great game but old
    as well

  80. red allert 2 is just NUTS <3

  81. Oh man, Red Alert 2 was fucking awesome. I played the C&C series from the
    mid 90s until it went 3D. God, such great games.

  82. i have not commented on anny recent vid you made but the opening of this
    just made my day so much so i had to good vod love it hope to see more or
    maybe more in this opening style if possible :)

  83. Dave Ryan Spencer

    Please do a apocalypse tank montage

  84. Loved the montage! What was the song playing in the background?

  85. Red Alert 2 FTW!!

  86. Hammer tank, who’s looking for a good pounding

  87. C&C Red Alert. Fuck. Yes.

  88. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    Moskva and tiers 8,9

  89. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    Moskva and tiers 8,9

  90. Felix Lindenberger

    this bring back memories…

  91. Dicatatorship of Imperial Godly H0LY C0C0NUT Regime

    Feel the wrath of mother Russia

  92. are Thay going to add boat to the German tree as the destroyers

  93. Артём Мелентьев

    Please do Aurora rewiev. It’s iconic ship for the whole Soviet Navy

  94. which country should I start off as?

  95. you know there a game that has that music

  96. glory to the commander and to premier romanov

  97. Shoulda used the red alert 3 march.

  98. Man I love Red Alert 2.
    Over 300 hours in that game.
    Same with Red Alert 3

  99. Play with the furutaka next

  100. anybody know the name of that background music?

  101. Yea yea yea that’s not impressive, i wont be surprised since it was a
    *SOVIET* ship

    best game

  103. Excellent Baron!..take out the Tier8 ru cruiser next!!


  105. hey baron – that was more than just the kirov sound files – although paying
    homage to one of the best games ever made :)

  106. Fucking best of the best Strategy Game ever Red Alert 2….
    I still have it on Win 10 but it crash alot aaaalooot !!!

  107. I liked this primarily because you included the Red Alert theme and sound
    effects in such perfect positions in the video.

  108. 34 Andrés Sandoval 333

    well… I was waiting for a zepelin, anyway :v

  109. Red alert 3

  110. Command & Conquer marching music, torpedus, demand to “Kill the Russian!”,
    explosions, sea turtles, ramming, citadels, and explosions. This video has

    Best. Montage. Ever!

  111. Oh, ye landlubbers….the song name is “Hell March” and it’s from Command
    and Conquer Red Alert 2, where the Kirov airship is from.

    NOW GO VOTE for the next Russian Cruiser! HYPE

  112. Red Alert 2…aww memories. :3 Great montage Baron mate! The Motherland is
    proud of you komrade!

  113. Baron can you please do videos of red alert 2. I love your videos, keep up
    the great work!

  114. Every game that has any type of Russian vehicles, gets called out for
    Russian bias. 11/10

  115. One of my all time favorite C and C games still play it too this day so
    good. Thanks Baron!


  117. This video deserves a million likes

  118. “Lets pay a visit!”

  119. Aren’t these ships being modernised now or am I mistaken?

  120. Good Old Command and Conquer best RTS game series ever

  121. Play wot plz ?

  122. Best video ever.

  123. Razzel Dazzel MothaFukas

  124. The Tier X Russian cruiser please.

  125. dmitry and budyonny ,moskva

  126. Brend van Rooijen

    MAN, that intro gave me so much hype for the russian cruisers

  127. i remember the days of Red Alert. memories.

  128. Amazing intro

  129. Best intro yet.

  130. Happy Sunday you titty fishes, squids and Captains! So, you all requested
    the Kirov…and I made a CnC montage for “Kirov Reporting.” Now I need you
    all to place your votes for which Russian Cruiser we’re going to play next!

    So….let’s see the votes! Gimme dem votes or you’ll get da torpedus.

  131. Do the USS Langley or the Cleveland

  132. Haha I loved Red Alert, and Hell March.

  133. 67 viewer!

  134. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    Mi Marder, what is dis?

  135. First again

  136. I love the intro with hell march 2

  137. 1 comment

  138. titty fish

  139. 3 viewer

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