KITAKAMI is VERY Naughty – World of Warships

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Kitakami is very bad…but NOT in a way which you think. This thing is EVIL, this thing is unfair and this thing will make you cry, it is very naughty and there will be plenty more videos with it coming.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. What about those amazing guns on the Kitakami? All 3 of them.

  2. You know this. Your a very good player. You make any ship work pretty well. Just saying! 😶‍🌫 Merry Christmas !!

  3. I need a bath after watching this. I feel dirty.

  4. How fitting you got the ”Generally Offensive” award 😅

  5. Merry Holidays @Flambass & Chat!! 🌲

  6. Watching this without earphones and my family near me was….an experience, to say the least. 😅

  7. @istvangaborvida3992

    Crazy Flambass is back, gosh I love it!!

  8. I bet that sub player was furious after getting killed by a Kitakami with over the side depth charges.

  9. I like how there’s suddenly age verification for this vid. 😅

    Merry Christmas, Flam and Tren!

  10. 5:25 at this point the stream turned into an OnlyFlams

  11. @jamieparslow-williams7567

    When your family gives you funny looks after they can only hear the sound from this video…..

  12. 2:14 you guys went full Euro for a moment there.

  13. @5:25 ff Trenlass asking: “OK, what am I listening to rn?” had me in stitches. kek
    @7:57 Flambino at it again ! Rated “R” now.

  14. Look at that wall of skill 🙂

  15. When they did away with friendly fire, they took all the fun out of this puppy.

  16. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Kitakami.

    While I understand all the hate it’s generated, it’s refreshing to see someone absolutely screw the enemy team up with it just to show how broken it really is.

  17. I wonder if Flambass and Trenlass would have better success if they weren’t so close together and were ‘cross dropping’ in a sense. Not that they’ve been doing poorly mind you…

  18. Will wg ever balance division spread within randoms?
    Your team has 7 division players including 3 x T10, enemy has 4 with the highest being T9… i know its not a guarantee, but on average thats a big advantage to your team straight off the bat

  19. This was very entertaining, I laughed. Thank you for the Christmas gift.

  20. 1:20 Kitakami will definitely be banned from KOTS for at least the next four tournaments due to the rule that all unobtainable ships are banned, even if they’re clones of an unbanned ship

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