Kitakaze Air Shredder || World of Warships

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  1. spoiler alert: this is a kitakaze game, not a shiratsuyu. And no 8 kills.

  2. Shiratsuyu 8 kills lol

  3. wrong replay 🙂

  4. Shiratsuyu??? KITAKAZE???

  5. Nice bait bro 😀

  6. woopsi =) will fix it – sorry

  7. Player is : RegularLogic sry for mixing this up guys ….

  8. Can’t get king of the air in a destroyer ??

    • Doesnt matter what class. As soon as you shoot down 40 planes, you will get AA Defense Expert, and with 55 kills, King of the Air. But it can only be earned by aircraft carriers.

  9. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Yamato wishes she had 100mm AA instead of the 127mm now… Tis a good thing IJN Higher ups were stupid enough to only mass produce the 127mm instead of the 100mm which were clearly superior in AA capabilities.

  10. gg but why shoot up my campsite (in the end) 🙂 lol

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