Kitakaze and Yamomoto Isoroku – INSANE RELOAD || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Holy Moly

  2. The cancer is real

  3. LOL making ATL players wish they had Yamamoto

  4. Nice… too bad he didnt have enough time

  5. Pro player ??

  6. OK now its even more hard to play dds when CVs, radars, and those damn OP IJN dds always ready to kick ur ass out of the game………….and i have all of them :))

  7. not fair………………………………..

  8. omg !! well done mate

  9. RIP Gun barrels

  10. Nagato saved by the bell

  11. Panzeenacker, world of warship official live now

  12. yamamoto gives anything special or just the captain skills?

    • The Sailing Robin

      Yamamoto Isokory comes with enhanced skills:
      Improved Preventive Maintenance (-45% instead of -30)
      Improved Expert Marksman (+1.0 deg/s instead of +0.7 deg/sec)
      And then with special talents:
      When you achieve First Blood: you gain +1 charge of all comsumables mounted on the ship.
      When you achieve Kraken Unleashed: Main Battery reload time is reduced by -34% / Torpedo reload time is reduced by -16% and the ship automatically heals 48% of her total health pool in 120 seconds.

      You also get red tracer shells and deploy fireworks upon getting First Blood / Kraken.

    • The Sailing Robin thx bro

  13. what e hell 🙂

  14. These ships are so horrible to play against

  15. 19:23 LOL Guns

  16. Now for the Yamamoto Harugumo

  17. The unstopable fire at the end ?

  18. Taquilparil que ritmo do inferno

  19. Afrizal Firmansyah

    it’s raining bro, take your umbrella.

  20. DD IJN op pls nerf

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