Kitty Purrfurst: Origins. Part 2 | World of Warships

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Meow! The second part of my story. Purrfect, look for the second code!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you find the code?
    Don’t forget to play fair and don’t spoil the fun for others!:)

  2. The fluffy bear gaming

    Sad to see this after my cat just died yesterday.

    • I know how you feel. When my Dog died two month ago, all media suddenly spawned Dog pictures, videos and articles, dogs everywhere I looked.

    • The fluffy bear gaming

      +ZoidFile .Yeah.It took only one scroll of the mouse wheel to find 9 cat vids.

    • Sorry to hear it shipmate.  Had to put my cat down not too long ago.  Then to add insult to injury, one of the strays that stayed around got run over by my wife like 2 weeks later.  Bad couple of days in our house.  It gets better with time.

    • Aww Shipmate . I know your pain . I still have all my cats with me in my hart <3 and always will . Condolences Fluffy Bear <3

    • LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh

      My condolences.


    I’m getting better at this


  5. no option for CC

  6. i got the first mission done 🙂

  7. No subtitles, no CC…. someone else with the same problem? (Anyway I’ve just completed the 2nd mission for kitty Purrfurst, without any code..)

    Edit: Found. I could not see the i button on the right upper corner. Reset YT options, restarted YT and “voilà” the magical i was in place…… meh.

  8. Ok so.. not US… but Bastet has the biggest Navy in the world? XD

  9. one minute in and the ‘meow’ puns have driven me to cringe level… seriously, WAY overdoing it, you guys -.-

  10. PURRFECTFURREAL right upper corner (i)

  11. The cutest cat ive seen so far

  12. y los “SUBTITULOS” ???? 🙁

  13. 3:15

    oh long john son

  14. Sorry Dasha. Purrfurst is my favorite now; tho he needs a deeper and older voice to better match his appearance

  15. Well done on keeping a straight face while speaking on the cats.

  16. what a nice cat!

  17. The flag and isoroku cat captain should have a special buff if used together

  18. Žádný kod jsem nenešel

  19. We don’t want these kinds of useless videos? We want real navel lagend videos. Bismarck or Mogami video please?

  20. Sehr hilfreich wenn kein Untertitel dabei ist.
    Mein Englisch ist nicht gerade gut.

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