Kleber is an absolute DEMON in World of Warships Legends

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  1. i use du Fournet and i have 2 Reload booster and still 5.4km Concealment…. i love it.

  2. A proud Baguette

    One of the funniest ships, it’ll never be buffed because of skill cap, good players will be too strong with 8km torps, i don’t mind it personaly

    Epic game btw

  3. Vulcan-900Bobber

    I learned alot from that as I’m not a great destroyer player but trying to get the hang of it but for me that was a mean game so don’t beat yourself up on what you called mistakes

  4. Tactical Gaming XD

    Great video :), will we be getting any videos on the Russian carriers at any point? I feel like the tier 5 is really good however the tier 7 is quite under powered due to the plane health, keep up with the good work though:)

    • The plane health at Tier 7 is only a problem if you’re reckless with your planes. I’ve literally won matches with the Pobeda with 130K-150K damage, ending with either torp or HE bombers still having 10-12 on deck ready to go out.

    • Tactical Gaming XD

      @Jo Me I mean I do have them kinds of games every now and then but even still attacking any American battleships or cruisers melts squads and is extremely unforgiving compared to other carriers like parseval

  5. The only counter to shima but its rare to br seen

    I am a french dd user and know its very powerful but the range torp nerf hurt way too much maybe 7km is enough

    • Uhhh khaba? Conqueror? Des Moines? Alaska? Mino? Carriers?

    • @sirdiealot53 Uhhh 10km torp away? Khaba can be spotted 6km so shima runs? Uhhh radar not forever?

      Believe i had all these in my team and they still got shima’ed only kleber can do it becuz of 4.6 conceal + Quad torping + Reloader so when shima u turn and smoke to escape ur speed is above 60 kts now gimme one dd who can be this fast so shima cant run from kleber but can run from everything else

  6. Nailed that mogami haha

  7. djbjunior Barbosa

    If you have a legendary 3 on that commander, please use stand or fall, the reload gets even better

  8. magicGfinger Grant

    Guboat build is great with this ship. Get the range out past 13k and in combination with that speed no one can hit you. Sort of like Kaba but with better AP and more manoeuvrability

  9. Shawn Christensen

    This sort of stuff is why I wish like hell PC had the captain system Legends does. You simply can’t do cool builds like this on PC, and it kind of sucks.

  10. Petition for you to make a Dc Server 🙂 (Good Video as always!)

  11. Can you do a amagi video or your thoughts on the ship

  12. What a game. I love your content, no complaints, not even a little.

  13. i like the kleber because of its punchy guns deadly for dds even without reload boost, nice video. btw maybe you could get a video in a kii?

  14. That Vlad professionally freaking dodged that last set.

  15. Damage controlled a fire with 0.4 seconds left

  16. xAgentOfChaos_87

    Have over 3 million xp with her, Torp nerf destroyed this dd. An with a rof over 7 sec nothing beats Khabarovsk.

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