Konig Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay of the Konig, the tier 4 KM German Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play from Wargaming available on PS4 Xbox 1. German battleship tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in a Konig.


  1. Kongo is my favorite tier 4 battleship, can’t wait for you to review the Gneisenau I’ve had some really good games with it. And the torps on it aren’t bad either. It reminds me of a more powerful Scharnhorst

    • @Tbull if you want to play like a drunk driver and give 0 fucks about torpedoes because you can pull of a drift move with a fool shooting angry fish at 6k then you strap in let the black pearl (shiny horse) do the work

    • @Geoffrey John guns , I kno the Scharnhorst has more XP but I feel like the Scharnhorst catches on fire more than Gneisenau . I just know it throws way more of a beating than the little shells from the Scharnhorst .

    • @Tbull Everybody has their opinions , and also people play the ship differently than others. Another reason I love this game so much. I also love the new Mutsu wich I know your not really a fan of , but at tier 5 with those guns that it has, I feel like its a mismatch for any other ship going up against it

    • I do much better in the Sharnhorst than the Gneisenot! My first game was great, but It just seems average to me, so I haven’t played it as much as I should.

  2. Cool vid man!!! Yeah looking forward to a Gneisenau video as well.. I aquired the Tirpitz yesterday.. Pleasantly surprised!!! Playing careful scores a 100k damage game on average.. I enjoy the German BB’s.. much better than the u.k. BB’s IMO…

  3. I sold my Scharnhorst as well as the Mutsu, can’t play either ship properly. Never liked the Scharnhorst tbh. Got some good credits for them both though and kept the upgrades.

  4. I also unlocked and purchased the Iowa yesterday..Wow!!! Definitely lived up to the hype!!! Monster. First match was 167k damage with 3killz!!! Hits way more of those home run salvos than the Amagi which I’ve had for a month!!! Having Simms at 15 with Cunningham an Madden inspired helps I’m sure..

  5. GG.
    Nice to see they reduced requirements on the campaign.

  6. New York hits if you have sims lol

  7. Great video. I find the Koenig plays better at medium range for me. The German battle ships have been a challenge to learn. It’s like a whole line of Vangards from tier 4 and up.

  8. I see one of the French BB commanders has an inspiration which boosts AP penetration… on certain ships that could be very spicy. Maybe too spicy.

  9. At about 8:20…is it just me or is that Cruiser obnoxiously huge? Haha. It’s almost silly looking next to a Battleship

  10. And another great vid Tbull, thanks man, as always very helpful.

  11. Bismarck is here!?

  12. Would be interested in what you think of the Lyon when you get it. Pretty fast and maneuverable but doe not seem to carry a huge punch. Might be a bit more fun than the Amagi. Your thoughts after you play it would be appreciated.

  13. Enjoy the German bbs. I find them to be pretty accurate, and they all have tons of secondary guns. It’s worth taking the secondary upgrade along with porcupine skill. If you have an experienced commander, they just tear up anything close. When you get to tier 6 , or the Tirpitz, they really reach out. You’re getting almost 10 kilometer range on your secondaries, and you have a LOT of them. I find them more helpful than the -7 % dispersement option. Anxious to play the French bbs for the same reason. 22 secondaries on the tier 3. No Destroyers yet though, and that’s what I’m really waiting on.

  14. Your videos have helped me tremendously in understanding the game. Tail end to pursuers, angled attack as moving away from/towards targets to encourage deflections, using land cover smartly and the ever important, gun lock.

    Niceties out of the way..

    HTF do you get such sweet salvo groups and when I jump in on the same ship, I have my rounds split sides on a target, even when they’re broad side to me.

    But that isn’t my biggest self-gripe. My guess is that the angle of the target is my largest issue, but I’m not sure what the angle is that they should be to me. 90 seems pretty perfect in a perfect world. Is there a butter zone angle range?

    • The difference between a lvl 11 von Hipper and a lvl 11 Ciliax is quite noticeable when it comes to accuracy. You do give up quite a bit in the survivability department to get it. I’ll most likely show a game from each commander for the tier 5-7 to highlight the difference between the two

    • As for their angling, it depends on the ship firing, but in general once they get past 45 degrees you’ll start to get a high percentage of bounces. The flatter the better, so actively looking for broadsides on the map through the game is a skill that should be cultivated

    • @Tbull Aye Sir, thank you for the tips and info.

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